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Council of Elders Arcturus – We will be happy to meet you on New Earth. 10.22.2018

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Council of Elders Arcturus - We will be happy to meet you on New Earth. 10.22.2018

Hello, our dear earthlings!

Today we would like to talk with you about our joint future, which we look forward to.

As soon as you cross the vibrational boundary beyond which our personal contact becomes possible, we will be happy to meet you to help you get comfortable with the new realities for you.

Outwardly, we are almost no different from you, which will probably be a pleasant surprise for you.

And this is explained by the fact that in our galaxy we are the closest relatives of earthlings.

There is our “seed” in your genome, because our ancestors chose planet Earth as their second home, but they couldn’t settle down on it completely, but left their “footprint” in your DNA on a par with other civilizations.

The memory of this relationship has always lived in our hearts, and we did not lose touch with the Earth, carefully watching the events taking place on it – the change of civilizations, historical eras, geographical changes.

In ancient times, in the heyday of humanity, we had the possibility of telepathic communication with people, but as your vibrations fell, this connection was interrupted.

And just now people have reappeared who are capable of perceiving information at the level of subtle sense organs, to which we are extremely happy.

When the Earth finally enters the Fifth Dimension, people who will be able to follow it will face many surprises.

And it seems to us that you will be pleased to learn that you are members of a truly huge Galactic family.

From the depths of your memory, from which the “seal” of the three-dimensional world will be removed, images of your ancestors and your previous incarnations on the most different planets of our Galaxy will begin to emerge.

You realize how multidimensional your Soul is – this Divine hypostasis, which is able to incarnate in different bodies, on different planets and in different dimensions.

You will be able to penetrate the information "bank" of your Soul in order to relive its most vivid incarnations and realize all its greatness, wealth and wisdom.

You will follow the long winding path of your Soul, which is based on its only desire – to gain invaluable experience of life in its most diverse manifestations.

And if now this seems fantastic to you, then once you are in a world of high vibrations, you will see how diverse and harmonious our Universe is.

The great experiment of the Creator to translate the whole planet into a different dimension is a priceless gift not only for you – earthlings, but for all your galactic brothers and sisters.

This will give us the opportunity to find the long-awaited integrity – spiritual and physical, because it will allow many twin flames living on different planets to finally find their soulmate, which all inhabitants of the Galaxy dream of.

And believe me, dear, a lot of your halves are embodied now on the planet Arcturus.

We love you very much and look forward to meeting you!

The Council of Elders Arcturus spoke with you on behalf of all the inhabitants of our planet

Received March 22 October 2018

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