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Churching and churching. Part Three: Breaking the Vicious Circle

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Churching and churching. Part Three: Breaking the Vicious Circle

Dear friends!

Here was the story of a single woman who experienced an extremely difficult disappointment in her spiritual path. Unfortunately, she decided that she did not want to keep this text in the public domain.

We respect her desire, and therefore the text is deleted.

Nevertheless, we consider her act as courageous, and her testimony as very important. And we want to remind a few simple things that you should always remember.
– The Lord loves us. So, it wants us to develop, and not remain forever unchanged.
– The Apostle commanded: "Do not be children of the mind." In the Church, you should continue to think, even if you do not want to.
– People may be wrong, even if they have a dignity. Even if they are older than you.
– The Lord speaks to everyone, not just the elect. The one who appropriates solely the right to speak on behalf of God is called a blasphemer. So let it be anathema.
– Keeping the commandments does not make you happy. Misfortune does not indicate righteousness.
– When a person is hurt, he should be supported and helped. What should he do with this pain – he will decide for himself. But the patient must first of all sympathy.
– If a person has teeth or a headache, then he goes to the doctor, and not only prays for healing. If a person cannot live, if he is hard and ill, he goes to a psychologist to understand what the problem is. Trying to solve all internal problems with prayers and fasting alone is a feat, this cannot be forced.

This story was shared with us after the publication of Tatiana Zaitseva's article “Churchhood and Depression”.

In turn, psychologists responded to it with their articles:

– Inna Shukshina “Make the faith alive”,
– Victoria Naumova, "Fetal death of a child: is it everyday or bitter grief?"

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