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Chronicles Forecast for NOVEMBER 2018 (Jen Eramith).

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Chronicles Forecast for NOVEMBER 2018 (Jen Eramith).

The sensations of the energy of the month are similar to those of a big bang or firework. The energy of the month is based on the heart center and the vibrations of love. This is the energy of passion and it is like a flash of energy in your heart. She can manifest as love or grief, equally. Both of these events can be described as an explosion of energy in the heart center.

This energy will support people all over the world, and at all levels, as you experience a rapid expansion of heart energy. For many, it will be like grief or loss that will help you shine brighter. As if your heart energy is growing inside the egg, the shell must be broken so that you can continue to grow. You are all like a small bird, a butterfly or a lizard, sprouting from an egg or bursting out of a cocoon. This month there will be suffering, but there will also be a massive expansion of the energy of love.

It will be important that you take care of your hearts and that you spend time with people who love you. The most important thing you can do is spend time trying to love others. Pay attention to what you love, and hold the feeling of love among things that break, burst and move too fast. Take time to slow down and feel the love …


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