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Christian music: from angels to rockers

Today, about music, church and secular – books and lectures about it and recording music that we have in the media library

Medieval music manuscript

Scripture and the Holy Fathers: why do we need music

The psalmist sings: “Sing to our God, sing, sing our King, sing. For the King of all the earth is God, sing sensibly! ”

“Praise God in His holiness, praise Him in the strength of His power. Praise him according to his power, praise him according to the multitude of his majesty. Praise Him with the sound of a trumpet, praise Him with psaltery and harp. Praise him with the timbrel and the faces, praise him on the strings and the organ. Praise Him on sonorous cymbals, praise Him on cymbals of the loud. May all that breathe praise the Lord! Alleluia.

Gregory of Nyssa taught: “music is nothing more than a call for a more elevated lifestyle, instructing those who are devoted to virtue not to allow in their customs anything unmusical, unorganized, inconsistent, not to string the strings beyond what they need to break from unnecessary tensions, but also not to weaken them in pleasures disturbing the measure: after all, if the soul is relaxed by such states, it becomes deaf and loses harmonious sound. In general, music teaches us to stretch and release the strings at the proper time, watching that our way of life steadily retains the correct melody and rhythm, avoiding both excessive licentiousness and excessive tension. ”

John Chrysostom: “nothing so elevates the soul, nothing so inspires it, does not remove it from the earth, does not free it from bodily bonds, does not instruct in philosophy and does not help to achieve complete contempt for everyday objects, like a consonant melody and rhythm-driven divine chants” .

Music philosophy

“The end of time of composers” by Vladimir Martynov is a philosophical book about music. The name refers to the main theme of modern thought – “death …”: the author, God, etc., that is, the end of metanarratives, overcoming metaphysics. Martynov – an outstanding modern composer; it is clear why “composing” became for him the main “example” – but just an example: after the book was published, he “grumbled” more than once that it was not “composing” that he probably should have written the book “The End of Time of Novelists” , "The end of the time of painters," etc., so that he was finally understood.
So, the book is devoted to “the end …” as the main theme of modernity – but it is revealed in a very nontrivial way: the end can mean the beginning; the death of composing does not mean the death of music. Martynov is a Christian voice in postmodern thought.

We offer his own “’ ’musical anthropology’ ’and other lectures and interviews”. Martynov reads the course “Musical Anthropology” at Moscow State University, although it was these lectures that were given in Voronezh. Under the link – several other lectures and interviews.

“Conversations, Studies, Reflections” by Arvo Pärt – another outstanding contemporary Orthodox composer. This book contains his speeches, conversations with him, articles about his work.

Article of the great theologian Vladimir Lossky "Theological foundations of church singing."

“God after metaphysics” of Manussakis – there is an attempt to make out how God is sight, hearing and touch. In the ear section, Manussakis talks a lot about music.

These books, it seems, will be able to be mastered by the reader, far from music and philosophy – which is not true of Losev's works:
– “Music as a Subject of Logic” is a fundamental work with a final formula: “music is a Number in Time”,
– “On the musical sensation of love and nature”, “Two attitudes from impressions after“ La Traviata ””, “An Essay on Music”, “A Philosophical Commentary on the Dramas of Richard Wagner”, “Scriabin's Worldview”.
All these works are combined in the collection "Form-Style-Expression".

"Russian Nights" Odoevsky. Odoevsky is one of the few Russian thinkers who wrote about music. In this novel, you can find a lot of thoughts about music – both in artistic form and in purely philosophical.

Gregorian singing

Liturgical music

The composer and philosopher Vladimir Martynov wrote beautifully about the history of liturgical singing in his books: “The History of Divine Singing” and “Culture, Iconosphere and Divine Singing of Moscow Russia”.

In the book Bychkova "Aesthetics of the Fathers of the Church" in the chapter "Rhythm" – a lot of interesting things about the patristic attitude to music. In the book of the same author “Russian Medieval Aesthetics” in the chapter “Formation of the sciences of the arts”, among other things, you will learn about the Russian medieval understanding of music, how and why it is a thing of the past and what replaced it.

The “liturgical singing of the Russian Orthodox Church” by Gardner is a classic, fundamental work, without which it is impossible to imagine the study of its subject. Although the book was written in the middle of the 20th century, its completeness and thoroughness have not been surpassed by anyone.

Especially to our compilation recently added three monogarphies about the musical culture of Ancient Russia – Vladyshevskoy, Mescherina and Kutuzov.

Lecture "Essay on the history of the old Russian church singing." Veronica Grigorieva talks about the Byzantine and South Slavic origins of the ancient Russian church singing and the stages of its formation. The lecturer demonstrates ancient monuments with liturgical texts, starting with the earliest books of the 11th century that have survived to the present, from which one can trace the evolution of sources of church singing.

“On Church Singing” Sergey Fudelya is a small text about the theology of church singing, imbued with concern about the secularization of the church music.

“Church Music” – a chapter from Hilarion (Alfeyev) “Orthodoxy”: about liturgical singing and bell ringing.

Meeting with Juliana (Denisova) – regent and author of many songs.

It is clear that hymnographers are connected with the liturgical singing – although this is more likely a rubric “literature” rather than “music”. Here are three books about them: "Church Songwriters" of Peter, "Let us pray to the Lord. Reflections on Church Poetry and Prayers ”Chistyakov,“ A Historical Review of the Singers and Songs of the Greek Church ”by Gumilevsky.

Classical music and some rock

Great lecture course by Abbot Peter (Mescherinov) "History of Music": from the emergence of Western European music to Handel. Most lectures are about Bach. Bahu is also devoted to a separate lecture by Father Peter "Theology in sounds."

Bach is also devoted to the article by Olivier Clement.

"Song of the Rise" – the radio program "Sofia", dedicated to music. Reading a variety of literature related to music, discussions, musical works, stories about composers and musicians.

In the program "The Bible Story" there were many issues devoted to composers:
– Rossini
– Sheet
– Verdi
– Beethoven
– Glinka
– Grieg
– Berlioz
– Vivaldi
– debussy
– Rachmaninov
– Brahms
– Schumann
– Mendelssohn
– Stravinsky
– Mussorgsky
– Haydn
– Handel
– Britten

On the topic "Orthodoxy / Rock" read: Peter (Mescherinova) "On the Church, culture and rock music." You can also watch a very, very controversial, but interesting lecture of rock musician Sergey Kalugin "Rock music: in search of God."

The musical part of the library Traditions.ru

And – actually music, our musical archive, stored and replenished by our musical editors Vadim and Svetlana Picts:

– liturgical singing
– Ringing bells
– Hymns of local churches
– Classical music
– Author's song
– Pop Song
– Ethno, folklore, folk music
– Spiritual Kanty, poems, songs, romances
– Modern vocal and instrumental music
– For kids

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