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Christ is Risen!

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Christ is Risen!

Christ is Risen!

Congratulations on the bright holiday of the Resurrection of Christ!

We wish the joy of the resurrected Savior to fill every day of your life. So that the world and God's blessing will visibly be on you and your loved ones. So that every day some verse of Scripture opens in a new way, illuminating your life with the Light of Christ, bringing wisdom, happiness, strength.

To please you, our readers, we made a short video. He perfectly conveys the atmosphere of grandeur, simplicity and mystery that accompanied the earthly life of the Savior.

Look and send to friends – so the Easter joy will multiply.

Holy Fathers about Easter

Holy word in Holy Pascha

John Chrysostom

This text is read by the priest during the Easter service. Thus, the Church testifies that this Word of Chrysostom expresses the fullness of the truth about Easter. Let's listen again to this hymn full of rejoicing:

“All use the riches of goodness! Let no one cry from poverty because the common kingdom has appeared. Let no one mourn the sin: forgiveness has shone from the grave! Let no one fear death, because the death of the Savior has freed us! Caught up by her, she trampled upon her, descending into hell, captivated hell, and grieved him who had tasted of His flesh. This Isaiah foresaw when he cried, “hell,” says, “was grieved” (Isa. 14: 9). Having met You in the netherworld, he was upset because he was defeated, was upset because he had been mocked. He took the body, and found God, took the earth, and met the sky, took what he saw, and attacked what he did not see. "Death! where is your sting? hell! Where is your victory ”(1 Cor. 15:55)? Risen is Christ, and you are cast down! Risen is Christ, and the demons have fallen! Risen is Christ, and the angels rejoice! Risen is Christ, and there is not one dead in the tomb! ”

Word for Holy Easter

Gregory the Theologian

The word of Chrysostom is closer to poetry, it is a hymn. The sermon of Gregory the Theologian – describes the Passover theology. This is one of the most profound patristic works about Easter.

He considers the "question and dogma, ignored by many" about who has been sacrificed – much later it will be called the "theory of redemption." And Gregory Nazianzus, the greatest Eastern Christian theologian, does not know the answer.

Of course, the sacrifice was not brought to the devil – that would be absurd. But not to the Father, because it would be even more absurd: “for what reason the blood of the Only Begotten is pleasant to the Father, Who did not accept Isaac, brought by his father, but replaced the sacrifice, instead of giving the promised sacrifice a ram.”

Svt. Gregory knows only one thing – God wanted to set us free, and not get satisfaction. "Such are the works of Christ, but more shall be honored by silence." The problematics of the “theory of redemption” in sv. Gregory looks like this: we must abandon the very question of who the Sacrifice was made and remember the main thing – God saved us, and everything else is given to silence. This lesson of silence from Nazianzus is perhaps the most valuable here.

So, Chrysostom teaches us to rejoice in Christ. And Gregory the Theologian – teaches silence. Agree, often it is much more difficult.

Word of Easter

Melito Sardis

During two thousand years of Christianity, a lot of things happened. The church created a surprisingly rich theology, and at the same time – heaps of verbal garbage “about” were formed. But the main thing then and now remains one thing – the joy of the Resurrected Lord. Fathers of the first centuries remind of this.

“The Word of Easter” is the most important creation of Meliton of Sardikia, a priceless testimony of the faith of the early Church (beginning of the II century). I would venture to call this work one of the best Christian sermons.

"Suspended the land – suspended, Approving the heavens – nailed, Strengthening everything – strengthened on the Tree, the Lord – contemptible, God – killed, the King of Israel – destroyed by the right hand of the Israelites."

Melito Sardikia sees in Easter the whole mystery of Christianity, which can not be understood. Christ is at the center of his theology. The work of St. Meliton is deeply poetic, richly figurative symbolism, paradoxes and antitheses.

Thinkers of the twentieth century about Easter

"On the way to Emmaus"

D.S. Merezhkovsky

“Today people say: Christ is risen. But what do they think and feel? Perhaps, similar to what the disciples of the Lord felt when they were going to Emmaus, talking to an unrecognized companion about the crucified, buried, and not risen Lord:

– And we hoped it was.

Today, Christ is resurrected, and tomorrow the full will take away the bread of the hungry just as he took it yesterday. Today, Christ is resurrected, and tomorrow prostitutes will go out into the street just as they left yesterday … <…>

Christ is risen, but everything remains the same. The world as lay in evil, and lies. "And we hoped it was."

"If Christ has not been raised, your faith is in vain." Is it not vain, even if he is resurrected?

Why did we stop believing? Is it because the impossibility of the physical of what we believed is proved? But physical impossibility does not relate to faith, but to knowledge, to the order of phenomena, the order here; faith is a breakthrough, an insight (intuition) in a different order, “touching other worlds”. It is impossible to prove that the impossible here is impossible there. No, it’s not because we don’t believe that the physical impossibility has been proved, but because it has revealed – or it seems to us that it has revealed – the uselessness of the metaphysical of what we believed. Not how you can, but why you need to believe – a question for faith is deadly. Indeed, why do we need to believe in the resurrection of Christ? ”

“Is the Gospel Myth?”

R. Girard

“This is a myth” – they tell us about the Resurrection of Christ: they point to countless pagan Dionysus and Osirisovs – dying and resurrection gods.

Girard does not just show that the gospel is not a mythology. This short article proves that the gospel is in fact an anti-myth, it will forever subvert all mythology.

"Atonement and theosis"

V.N. Lossky

"God became man so that man could become God." These deep words, which we first find in St. Irenaeus, there are also in the writings of St. Athanasius, of sv. Gregory the Theologian, sv. Gregory of Nyssa. Subsequently, the Church Fathers and Orthodox theologians repeated them from century to century, wanting to express in this lapidary phrase the very essence of Christianity: the ineffable condescension of God to the last limits of our human fall, to death – condescension that opens people the way of ascension, boundless horizons of creation of the creature with the Divine ".

Classical article Lossky. He gives a general outline of the Orthodox teaching on the Atonement and the Easter victory. It also gives a sharp criticism of the so-called "legal" theory of redemption.

Easter chants

We offer to listen to the Easter chants performed by
– Metropolitan Choir of the Russian Cathedral in Paris
– Male choir of the St. Petersburg monastery of Optina Pustin.

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