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Channeling via Monique Mathieu – MISCELLANEOUS. Vigilance against the Internet.

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Channeling via Monique Mathieu - MISCELLANEOUS. Vigilance against the Internet.

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“We have already spoken about this, but it is important that we again speak out on this issue: your use of what you call the Internet – a tool that can be absolutely precious and exclusive. You should know that this tool is a double-edged sword that can spread both the worst and the best. This is a tool that requires a lot of discernment. If you use it without discrimination, it can be completely destructive. This tool can also destroy creatures, for example, by slandering them.

Because of the lack of distinction, people sometimes make a mess of things. They can describe their own illusions, their own nonsense, or rewrite everything they believed or heard.

When you go to the Internet even to search for classic information, always be vigilant! Ask yourself if this resonates to you; see if this can be taken as real or should be questioned, and, if the latter, move away from the subject matter.

There are many posts on the Internet. You should also be aware that in this way unfriendly creatures can express themselves, that is, creatures who wish to manipulate humanity. They have the ability to post messages on the Internet or manipulate people through telepathy.

What messages are published by these creatures? Mostly messages that generate fear! They can give fear through many messages, sometimes very subtle, to slow the evolution of creatures.

We repeat, fear is a huge block!

Know that it is enough to remain vigilant and be careful with this tool, which, however, is amazing because it allows us to spread our teaching, as well as other great things coming from other teachers and other channels.

In any case, this instrument, like any instrument in general, will reach its apogee. The time will come when all your technologies will become obsolete. The Internet will collapse by itself, because people will realize that instead of providing real assistance, this technology becomes a block, creating division and deep conditionality between people. You have not yet reached the collapse of the Internet! You will have to go through several difficult moments before you realize this.

You will understand this anyway, regardless of your will, because certain events will take place on your planet; your technology will reach its climax, and you will doubt it. New life will flourish for people in this world!

However, you have not yet reached this apogee, the moment of collapse, which will allow you to revive the real Life that everyone hopes in … ”


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