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Channeling via Monique Mathieu – MISCELLANEOUS. Piercing and tattoos.

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Channeling via Monique Mathieu - MISCELLANEOUS. Piercing and tattoos.

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What effect does the current fashion on piercing and tattoos have on the body?

“Unfortunately, the piercing causes a leakage of energy at the level of thin bodies.

Tattoos are almost as bad as piercings, because you must not forget that form is a container of energy. If you stuff the most beautiful motifs, and even if the ink itself turns out to be harmful to the body, then the container of energies itself will not be negative.

If, for example, you have a tattoo of a skull or something completely negative on your body, this form will automatically be filled with the appropriate energy. This will be not only degradation, but ultimately harmful to the body.

We say that piercing and numerous tattoos are part of a silly fashion. People say: “We follow fashion!” What does it mean to follow fashion? Act like a sheep?

This is not a way to comprehend! However, it is part of the choice of the soul.

We tell you how we feel at this level of development, because we see how piercings and tattoos affect those who have them, whereas you cannot be aware of this.

We would like to add that people who have too many tattoos or too many piercings, significantly shorten their lives! If the body is covered with pictures, if there are too many piercings, how do you want it to breathe or radiate? You limited it to something!

If you do not understand and if you follow the fashion, you will automatically be subject to the consequences!

Often those who have a lot of tattoos, do not live to eighty years. In a sense, they shorten their lives. You will not find among very old people those whose body is covered from head to toe with tattoos. ”

What about tattoos so beautiful that we have a desire to put something like this on ourselves? Does a tattoo through consciousness in a certain way affect the body or is it possible that its vibrational side may be stronger?

“It depends on the shape of the tattoo. She must be very small! Even a harmonious tattoo has an effect on the physical body.

Light, beautiful, harmonious and a few tattoos do not necessarily negatively affect the body. However, you must not forget that their form attracts energy.

Even if you made a tattoo by conviction, as well as with love, because it is fashionable, stroke your tattoos, send them Love, and thus you will only receive good energies at the level of forms. ”

What about people whose tattoos are associated with a particular culture or even religion?

“This is due to a misunderstanding of what man really is.

This is a bad habit. Some tattoos are part of a ritual that can be provided by astral forces to manipulate people and, therefore, subdue them.

Some nations have a custom to paint their bodies, to apply drawings on them, but this is less harmful because the paint lasts only during the ceremony or celebration and can be washed off, which does not apply to tattoos that receive energy all the time.

Do you really believe that the body given to you by God or the Universe is meant to be disfigured or pierced? Born in Western countries or anywhere else, it was people who gradually changed their bodies for reasons of religion, tradition or fashion. ”

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