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But deliver us from evil

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But deliver us from evil


In Church Slavonic

Lord Jesus Christ, open your ears, hear your word, and understand and do your will, as a stranger am upon the earth: not a scorn of your commandments, but my eyes open, that I may understand the wonders of your law; tell me the unknown and the secret of thy wisdom. I hope in Thee, O my God, yes, enlighten the mind and sense with the light of your mind not only written in honor, but I also create, but I cannot read the saints of life and words to myself, but in the update, and the enlightenment, and the shrine, and the salvation of the soul, and the inheritance of life everlasting. Yako thou art enlighten those who lie in darkness and from You is every gift of good and every gift is perfect. Amen.

In Russian

Lord Jesus Christ, open my eyes to my heart, so that when I hear Your Word, I will understand it and fulfill Your will, because I am a stranger on earth. Do not hide your commandments from me, but open my eyes, so that I may comprehend the miracles of your law. Tell me your unknown and secret wisdom. I trust in You, my God, and I believe that You will enlighten my mind and meaning with the light of the knowledge of You, and that then I will not only read what is written, but also fulfill it. Make me not read my Word for sin, but in renewal and in enlightenment, and in shrine, and in the salvation of the soul, and in the inheritance of eternal life. For You, Lord, are those who lie in darkness, and from You are every good gift and every perfect gift. Amen.

Keep silent for a minute.

Read the Lord’s Prayer

9 Pray thus: Our Father in heaven! hallowed be thy name;
10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven;
11 Give us this day our daily bread.
12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.
(Mat.6: 9-13)

Slowly reread the last petition: But deliver us from the evil one and think about these words for two or three minutes. You can just slowly repeat them out loud or to yourself, focusing on their meaning. If you have any thoughts or questions, write them down.

Answer the questions:

What questions or thoughts do you have this petition?
What exactly are we asking us to save?
Why did Christ command us to pray for this?
Why do we pray about it at the very end?
Read the interpretation

Saint Cyprian of Carthage
St. John Chrysostom
Blessed Theophylact of Bulgaria
Saint Simeon of Thessalonica
Martyr Metropolitan Vladimir (Epiphany)

Saint Cyprian of Carthage

After all, the conclusion comes to the end of the prayer, briefly expressing all our prayers and petitions. In the end, we say: “But deliver us from the evil one,” meaning by that all the misfortunes that the enemy in this world conspires against us and against which we will have a sure and strong defense, if God will deliver us from them, if by our petition and prayer He gives us His help. Then, after the words: “deliver us from the evil one,” there is nothing more to ask for: we ask God's protection against the evil one, but having received such protection, we are already safe and protected from all the wiles of the devil and the world. In fact, what is the world to fear who is defended by God in this world?

St. John Chrysostom

But the evil one here calls Christ the devil, ordering us to lead an implacable bran against him, and showing that he is not in nature. Evil does not depend on nature, but on freedom. And that predominantly the devil is called evil, it is because of the extraordinary multitude of evil in him, and because he, being offended by nothing, leads an implacable battle against us. Therefore, the Savior did not say: “deliver us” from the evil ones, but: from the “evil ones,” and thus teach us never to be angry with our neighbors for the insults that we sometimes suffer from them, but to turn all enmity against the devil the culprit of all evil.

Blessed Theophylact of Bulgaria

"But deliver us from evil." For he induces involuntary and free temptations. Therefore, when you unwittingly endure temptation from a person, not this person is considered to be guilty of your temptation, but the evil one. For he is telling a man to come at you and run amok.

He is. Do not say from evil people, deliver: for it is not they who do evil to us, but the evil one excites them and does evil to us and to them. Therefore, not people, but evil spirits should hate and curse us.

Saint Simeon of Thessalonica

"But deliver us from evil." For he is yours and our enemy, indomitable, vigilant, burning with anger. We are powerless to resist against him, because he is of the nature most subtle than we, crafty and do not know sleep, inventing and weaving countless intrigues against us. And if You, Creative and Master of all, and this devil himself with his minions, as well as the angels and us, if You do not slander us, then who is strong to get rid of him? We do not have the strength to fight the insubstantial, and, moreover, we find ourselves envious, all-conspicuous.

Martyr Metropolitan Vladimir (Epiphany)

From conversations to the prayer of the Lord

Today we have come to consider the last petition of the Lord’s Prayer, that petition that is, no doubt, from the heart and from such people who in other respects do not want to know anything about prayer. But everyone would like to get rid of the evil one. Yes, if we follow our natural feeling and disposition, then all of us, brethren, would willingly rearrange this seventh petition in the first place and say: “Deliver us, Father, from the evil one,” then add it: “Hallowed be thy name.”
And yet the one who would change the order of the holy Prayer of the Lord would have done wrong. For the Lord Jesus Christ, not without reason, put the seventh petition at the end. It cannot have any success until what we ask in the first three petitions of this prayer, that is, that the name of God, our Father in Heaven, be sanctified, that His kingdom come and that His will be done on earth as well and in the sky. And what benefit would we have if we were delivered from everything that we call only “evil evil”, and the root and sting of all evil, sin would remain in us, and we would remain children of this world, slaves of the devil, without true knowledge of God, our Father, far from His kingdom, opponents of His Divine will? Therefore, in this seventh petition, we pray for deliverance not from what we usually consider evil and feel as evil, namely: not from the sufferings of only bodily and vital adversities, but also about deliverance from all need and distress of the soul, from sin and his father, the devil, from everything that violates our peace of mind, deprives us of spiritual joy, alienates us from our Heavenly Father and blissful communion with Him. All of this, as if in one sum, we unite at the end of prayer and pray to our Heavenly Father, so that He, by His mercy, will take care of us and deliver us from all this.
If it is this, and not in another sense, we use the seventh petition, then, in essence, it will not matter if we read it: “Deliver us from the evil one” or “Deliver us from the evil.” According to the translation from the Greek, this word means: deliver or save us from the harmful, the bad. From this it is impossible not to see that it is a matter of the devil, that in the end all this prayer is directed against our main enemy. For he mainly puts a barrier to us in everything that we ask of God in this prayer, namely, in glorifying the name of God and in His veneration, in the coming of His kingdom and the fulfillment of His will. Therefore, putting everything together, we say: “God of mercy, help us so that no misfortune befalls us! They have given away everything harmful and evil that rebel against us in the kingdom of Satan: poverty, sickness and death — in short, all calamity and misfortune, all sorrow and suffering of the heart, which is so much, so incalculable much on earth. ” Thus, to the question of what we ask in this seventh petition, we can give the following answer: we ask here that the Heavenly Father would save us from every evil of body and soul, and finally, when our last hour strikes, would send us a blissful demise and in peace, he brought to himself into heaven from this vale of innumerable troubles and sorrows of ours.
This is the meaning of this seventh petition, with which we appeal to our Heavenly Father. According to the meaning of these words, the children of God are very happy people already here on earth. For they have a Heavenly Father, who so generously provides them daily with all that is necessary for their physical and spiritual life. They have peace with God, the consolation of the forgiveness of their sins, and free, always open access to the heart of their Heavenly Father. They are not helpless and not alone in the struggle that falls to their lot. They know that the Heavenly Father will hear their prayer when they call out to Him: Do not lead us into temptation!
Glory and thanks be to God! The Father hears us when we call on Him on the day of sorrow, He bows His ear to the prayers of His children; He comes and delivers us from evil. God for us is God for salvation; in the grip of the Lord Almighty is the gate of death (Ps. 67:21). In six troubles he will save you, and in the seventh evil will not touch you (Job 5:19). And call Me on the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will glorify Me (Psalm 49:15). True, His deliverance is not always in the mindset of a person, not always according to his assumptions and considerations. He does not announce in advance the time in which He is to come, nor the path He must take. Often His children must languish for a long time and sigh under the burden He imposes on them. And yet, among the very evil and calamity to which He subjected you, you can discern your salvation. He is preparing a healing medicine for you from a bitter drink. The peaceful, soothing fruit of justification ripens in your heart under His punishment. You learn to know the higher planes and the wise destinies of God. You learn to limit your will and captivate it in the will of God. Your taste is dulled, the hunt for the pleasures of the world disappears. You see in yourself the extraordinary strength of your strength and you feel the need to glorify His grace, which is so close to the humble, in all your infirmities and sorrows. And with such a misfortune, how much easier it becomes for you to endure this suffering and take upon yourself the cross! What a sweet world fills your heart in all the vicissitudes of the world! What an abundant flow of blessings is pouring down on your house, all your life and suffering! Here, the hand of Your Savior, God, who hears the prayers of His children, who is able to deliver them from evil in every condition of evil, makes itself felt. Therefore, when it is time, friend, the time of your sufferings, do not pray: “Father, help me at this hour!” No, that hour has come for you to suffer during it. Learn from your teacher to pray like this: “Father, glorify your name! (John 12:28). Father! Grant me that at this hour of sorrow, in all the misfortunes of the world, with all the misfortunes and misfortunes that apprehend me, Your Holy Name be glorified on me! Act with me according to Your Holy will, but grant me to experience and make sure that all who serve You are for good! ”
And is it not possible for the Father in Heaven to do this for His children, that is, to relieve so much of any burden, small as well as great, for them so that his ramen would barely feel them? Look at the holy devotees of ancient and new times, with what light soul they accomplish their amazing feats, with what complacency they endure every shame and reproach, every persecution and bondage, anguish and mortal torture! How in the sight of a terrible, painful death they comfort the crying relatives and close ones to the heart! How enthusiastically they sing in the dungeons and even in the flames of fire psalms to the glory of God, His Savior, Who, even among the torments, delivered them from all torment, so that no suffering could touch them and no death could kill them!
Finally, what is it, beloved brethren, the heaviest burden and the longest torment on earth compared to the bliss of heaven, the eternal liberation from all evil? No matter how long anyone lives, but at last the hour will come, that is the last for each hour when we get rid of all evils that overwhelm us in this vale of earth. But is every one of us then saved from all evil in its own real sense of the word? For what will you benefit from if you get rid of earthly evils, but you will not be free from the greatest of all evils – the torment of the Court, eternal death?
Happy is the Christian who, at his death, being filled with living faith and hope, can pray as Christ taught him: Father, in Your hand I commit my spirit (Luke 23:46). What is the suffering of the earth, the death of this body? A little more time – and my Savior will come! Oh, go to your sick and distressed and soothe their hearts with this consolation! Go and tell them: a little more, and you will not cry, and you will not need any consolation! After a hot battle, he will come, the desired day of victory, and bring us freedom, for which we so grieve, deliverance from all evil, for which we pray so fervently: when the Lord returned the captive of Zion, we were as if seeing in a dream: then our mouth they were full of joy, and the language of our singing (Ps. 125: 1-2). Then God will wipe every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more; there will be no crying, no crying, no sickness, for the past is gone (Rev. 21: 4). Then we will not ask, as now, in this miserable vale: deliver us from the evil one, but we will forever praise and chant God, who heard our prayer and delivered us from the evil one. The great Lord created over us; we were glad (Ps. 125: 3). Oh, so come you, the day of salvation, the day of freedom for which we long, the day of our eternal redemption! Come, Lord, our God, our Savior! Open yourself, show yourself and stop the captivity of your people! We are waiting for your salvation! Hurry up and take pity on the people of your heritage! Look upon the calamities and needs of your people and deliver us from the evil one! Amen.

Answer the questions

It is advisable to answer them in writing, within 10-15 minutes. Following the results, those who wish can share what they have learned from the answers to these questions.

How is the evil one in your life?

Have there been any situations in your life of getting rid of the evil one after prayer? Describe them

Final circles

What did I learn from the answer to personal questions?
What is important for me, I learned from today's meeting?


Highlight 6 areas of your life that are important to you.
Every day, answer yourself in writing within 20 minutes to questions regarding one of these areas.


How does evil or evil come about in this area, from which I ask God to deliver me?

Pray with that in mind.

The material was prepared by Tatyana Zaitseva, editor of the Gospel Groups section.
write to: [email protected]

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