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Bathhouse for the Pharisees, or “bald spirituality”

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Bathhouse for the Pharisees, or “bald spirituality”

Is the established practice of the spiritual life of the Church contrary to its historical purpose?

People who regularly confess and naively believe that they live a “spiritual life” like this are deceiving themselves.

In the history of the Church there are many examples of high spiritual life and even holiness among those who confessed several times in their lives or did not confess at all. This is the majority of the clergy of the second millennium and the entire first millennium. The same Mary of Egypt, by the way. (At least the Church considered it necessary not to mention this in her life.) The apostles did not confess, and did not confess in our understanding at all. Do they “contradict the words of the Savior” and did not live a “spiritual life”?

If confession is “a bathhouse for the soul,” and “we need to confess as often as we wash ourselves,” does this mean that the Mother of God, the apostles and martyrs, many saints went “dirty” all their lives?

Be careful choosing comparisons, friends.

And every week, the confessing "true Orthodox" who are ready to tear out their eyes for a careless word about an idol or hate those who disagree with them before enuresis – do they "live a spiritual life and care about their repentance"?

But the verification question is quite simple. What has changed for the better in you since you often began to confess, and without this frequent confession you cannot imagine spiritual life?

Have you become cleaner, more moral and holier than your unbelieving work colleagues, representatives of other religions?

Have you become more Gentiles and unbelievers to love your family and restrain guile and anger?

Did you keep your passions in check?

You began to see the image of God in your neighbors, “Filaret’s”, Patriarch Bartholomew, “Kochetkov’s” and refrain from hatred and appropriate vocabulary against them?

You do not create your own “idols” from public figures and priests that you liked by your shocking, shutting your mouth with those who disagree?

Have you loved the gospel and are worried that life should be the embodiment of the commandments of Jesus, or do you only remember how the Lord scolded the Pharisees, cast out a whip of merchants, and “Saint Nicholas slammed Aria?”

Do you really still think that the “spiritual life” is when you are pleased, “foolishly” from your measured “right” life, and not when you strive to be the bearer of the Holy Spirit, loving and enlightening?

You only want to "edify and punish" those who disagree? So what is this “spiritual life”?

These are just mutated passions …

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