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Ashtar – Change the vibrational background of mankind. 03/21/2019.

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Ashtar - Change the vibrational background of mankind. 03/21/2019.

Hello dear my beloved earthlings!

Today I would like to give you a message from myself as the commander in chief of the galactic fleet and tell you about my impressions of what is happening on Earth.

As you know, my ships have been supervising your planet for more than a year, so we can trace the dynamics of events on Earth.

And that's what we see.

Over the past decade, humanity as a whole has changed the overall vibratory background.

But in this case, I mean only people.

Reptiloids cannot change with all their desire, since they do not have subtle senses capable of receiving the new high vibrations of the Earth.

The same applies to clones that do not have a chakra system.

And this is the picture we see from the thin plane of the Earth.

In large cities, among the huge crowds of people with a dense dark energy field, like fireflies in the night, stand out people with a beautiful voluminous iridescent aura.

She involuntarily absorbs surrounding people, who, getting into her field, sometimes also begin to glow, although not as brightly as the sources of this Light themselves.

The range of their auras sometimes changes, sometimes even within a few minutes, depending on what emotions a person is experiencing at the moment.

But in recent months, more and more people have appeared on Earth, whose energy field is quite stable and sometimes covers vast spaces of several tens of meters, and in rare cases even kilometers.

All this suggests that the high-vibrational energies now reaching the Earth fill you more and more, and already the people themselves in incarnation begin to influence the general vibrational background of the Earth.

But in order to gain stability in your vibrations, you need to change programs at the subconscious level.

In other words, the feeling of responsibility for yourself and your Earth should be transferred to you in a completely different quality, fixed on a subconscious level.

Just as fear in all its manifestations once settled in the human subconscious of the three-dimensional world, so a feeling of confidence in the Transition of the Earth and of all mankind into the Fifth Dimension must henceforth and forever settle in your subconscious, as well as the fear that came to replace the fear full safety and security from the Higher Forces of the Universe and your Galactic family.

And that's how you can do it.

Imagine your subconscious as a large, beautiful, brightly lit sphere, inside which is stored a mass of treasures that are safely hidden in it behind thick, impenetrable walls.

These are treasures such as belief in yourself and your beautiful future, the consciousness that you are under the reliable protection of your heavenly patrons, that your Earth ascends to the Fifth Dimension and you ascend with it, in tune with its vibrations.

These are treasures such as Infinite and Unconditional Love for yourself, for your loved ones and relatives, as well as for distant and unfamiliar people and even for your enemies, who are your main teachers.

These are such treasures as the full acceptance of all the events of your life as the unique and invaluable experience of your Soul.

And let this “sphere” of your subconscious, free from all energies of the three-dimensional world, shine with all the colors of the rainbow, sinking everything around with the new energies of the Fifth Dimension.

And we will admire this beautiful spectacle from above and rejoice for our earthly brothers and sisters.

Ashtar Sheran, who loves you with all his heart, spoke to you

Received March 21, 2019

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