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Arina Beletskaya – Adoption Formula. 11.11.2018.

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Arina Beletskaya - Adoption Formula. 11.11.2018.

Not all impulses coming from the heart are calmly and joyfully perceived by the mind. This is a deeply ornamented myth. If energy is very different in frequency and volume from the general frequency of the cocoon of consciousness, then consciousness perceives it as a danger or a nuisance, and energy is rejected. Rejects through the creation of tension of consciousness, coming from its mechanism of self-preservation and self-healing. If the energy is extremely high-vibration relative to the general vibration level of consciousness, the consciousness will not perceive it at all, or the energy will be rejected for perception.

But with all this, with the non-acceptance of the going energy, there will be no peace in the consciousness. Despondency, melancholy, anxiety, waiting for something, the illusion of losing direction, and so on, sometimes arising out of “level ground”, can speak just about such a rejection of running energy. One person asked the question – can I give up all this – from the plans of the soul and from those who come to me to live in love and tranquility? Consciousness can not refuse at all from anything that comes from the soul, so that this walking leaves it, and it, consciousness, would be left to itself. And then what is love in principle, and what is the basis for calm?

Energy from the soul will go anyway. In any case, it will find a way to enter consciousness, only if the resistance of the cocoon can this process be noticeably painful. This energy can look like a feeling, a sensation, and can be manifested as a situation, an event.
And as the monks say: “Let what comes comes. Try to put up with everything that comes to you. " We can say that this is in short a formula for accepting everything that is coming, widely covered by philosophers of different times.

Arina Beletskaya, 11.11.2018.

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