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Are Christians jealous

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Are Christians jealous

For the first time, my main profession, the film director, was treated by others with calm indifference in the Christian community. And no, that was not bad news for me, on the contrary. I’m used to the fact that people start to admire, wonder and ask. My profession has always been treated as a happy ticket, with a certain amount of envy. Of course, she was not associated with absolute success, but with his forerunner. And in the Church, I could have been a film director, an accountant, or a seamstress — that didn't matter much. The longer I was among Christians, the more I read the Gospel, the more I discovered the existence of a parallel world. A world where envy is impossible not because it is inhabited by saints who have thrown off sin, like a snake's old skin, but because there achievement and success occur in areas that are invisible and uninteresting to a wide circle of people. Who, for example, would envy a woman who achieved success in the fact that in a music school where her child goes (or rather, goes), set a ramp for the disabled? Even if the ramps are laid to all the institutions and entrances of our city, we are unlikely to find out who is behind these achievements. Who will envy the person who defeated drug addiction? Did someone admire those who managed to defeat anger and did not yell at the child? Who will see the victory of the one who forgave his neighbors? But it is precisely such successes and achievements that are the most important on the path to Christ.

Yet envy may arise in our hearts. Chronic or acute – each of us once experienced this extremely unpleasant condition. We will not consider the option of strong jealousy, which pushed on the fratricide of Cain. We will consider the caustic feeling, destroying joy and devaluing the present, when we are overwhelmed with the following thoughts: “They went to sea, and we did not go south for the third year,” “Someone buys a three-room apartment, and we live in a removable apartment, and prayers remain unanswered, ”“ I have a disabled child, with whom my grandmother does not want to sit, and someone has both grandmothers, nannies, and healthy children. ” It is impossible to take and stop envy, as it is impossible to stop coughing a person with asthma. Envy is a symptom, and we must fight what causes it. As a fungus and mold can cause coughing attacks, so our thoughts cause envy. To stop coughing, you need to move to another house – clean, dry, without mold. We, Christians, are well aware of the existence of this house, but often we are like children from dysfunctional families, who were removed from slums and transferred to a foster family. We strive to run back – if not physically, so mentally – to our habitat. These two houses, the new one, in which everything breathes with care and love, and the former, where our consciousness was formed, are two parallel worlds. A Christian cannot live in two houses. For this world he died. What does it mean?

Since childhood, we are brought up in comparisons and evaluations. The society singles out from the general mass of the beautiful and stylish, people with outstanding abilities and diligence in the field of sports, art and science receive their awards. For enterprising, sociable, creative it is easier to realize the abilities in business and get your reward in the form of earned money. The secrets of success are outlined in the books. People who have achieved wealth and fame, publish bestsellers, the details of their personal lives are of interest to all. The world is trying to unravel what became decisive – a certain style of upbringing, luck, character, hard work? Or maybe all together? Perhaps there really are recipes for success. And there is nothing wrong with being successful, famous, strong. Moreover, the Gospel urges us not to bury talents, to be active. But one should not lose sight of the fact that big successes, big apartments, big cars and so on do not add peace to the heart and relationships, do not heal from addictions and envy, do not solve the problem of resentment and anger. It is no news to anyone that people who have attained recognition and wealth continue to feel emptiness in the heart, if there is one. And here it is important to ask the question – what do I really need help from above? What should I pray for? What is important for me, my soul, my life? Sometimes Christ offers to follow the path, which from the point of view of the world is the path of the loser. But perhaps in this way I can become more full …

Christ offers to enter the narrow gate, to achieve success in those things that no one in the world will appreciate, which no one will envy. But the joy in reaching them will be so strong that we no longer need visible signs of success. And we ourselves will stop envying, it will seem to us absurd and meaningless. Such a release is like recovering from asthma. We often say that the main thing is health. But the health of our thoughts is just as important. And it is extremely important to be in the house where we will be healthy. Or search for it.

And if envy suddenly pins again, for a Christian it is a signal that you are a prodigal again and it’s time to return home.

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