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Archea Faith – Walking the path of Light is joyful and easy!

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Archea Faith - Walking the path of Light is joyful and easy!

My dear and loved ones, I am Archean Faith, I am mercy and compassion, I am the Light and Love of God.

Our dear ones, it seems to many of you that it is very difficult to walk the path of Light and Love when there is one negative around?

My dear ones, in fact, to walk the path of Light and Love is very joyful and fun, this is a happy life, when high energy fills you from the inside and flows into your whole life.

From this you start to see that the world is full of wonders, everything around you helps and suggests on the way, from this life turns into a fascinating journey on Earth.

It is difficult to go only when you forget that it is not an ordinary person, but a multidimensional great and beautiful Divine being, a part of everything.

You are one with your Soul and Spirit, with all your Higher Aspects, you are one with all Light Forces: Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters, Gods, you are one with Mother Earth and Heavenly Father …

When you feel that you are a part of Everything, when you feel that you are not alone, when you are pouring into your multidimensionality, then you are no longer just a person, a wonderful Divine Light is awakening within you, you are opening up to your Divine essence.

This Light is not afraid of anything, it can not affect any negative. This Light envelops you from within and creates around you as if a “protective field” – the sphere of Light and Love.

Remember the relatives, when you felt such high energies in yourself, when you felt part of a huge Heavenly Family, when you were covered, filled and enveloped in a wave of joy and love, then you passed by any negative, it did not touch you or hurt you from the inside.

So you can go always and everywhere, walking through life in this Light, you will see and feel a completely different world, enter a different reality and everything will change in your way.

With love for you

your archea faith.

Received Magda, 12/18/2018

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