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Archea Faith – I Am.

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Archea Faith - I Am.

My dear, Archea Vera, I often use simple words like “I Am” in my life. Tell me, please, what is their essence, why are they beckoning me so?

"I Am" is a wonderful energy embedded in sound, in words. This is a cipher, a divine code that has a very powerful and tremendous energy force.

These simple words, “I Am”, take you to a completely new and high level of vibrations – to your Soul and Spirit. They switch you to the infinite Divine space hidden within each of you.

This is a wonderful code that can help you every day.

Just say: “I Am” – and you will feel a certain inner vibrational “ringing”, feel the silence from the endless dialogue of your mind, open an incredibly beautiful world and peace, joy of being, you will know yourself in a new way.

Just speak more often, every day, like a mantra – “I Am”, and you will see how miracles will begin to open up, how the world will change in a flash.

All the brightest and most beautiful will begin to awaken from within and go out, and you will have a new look at yourself: you will see both from the inside and from the outside.

This wonderful code brings you back to the true Self, in which you clearly see what you are, as eternal and permanent, and what you are, as false and temporary, your illusory personality and ego-consciousness. This knowledge and vision will help you out of the illusion of the mind.

Just practice “I Am” every day, speak to yourself these simple words more often and listen to the inner silence in which your true Divine being awakens, you will wake up.

With love for you

your archea faith,

accepted Magda, 01.24.2019

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