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Archea Faith – Does everyone need your help?

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Archea Faith - Does everyone need your help?

My dear and loved ones, I am Archean Faith, I am mercy and compassion, I am the Light and Love of God.

My dear, today I came to help you, your suffering hearts.

Many of you encounter such a problem on your way when your heart is simply “torn apart”, as many people, feeling your openness, responsiveness and sincere desire all around to help, begin to use the purity of your heart.

They ask you for help even when it is not really needed: they themselves must go through all their lessons, begin to move and change, to mature for some higher actions.

Of course, it seems to them that it is easier to ask someone, especially if there is anyone willing to help, and to avoid unnecessary work, but by doing so they only complicate their lessons and drive themselves into even greater problems.

Our beloved ones, living in our hearts, you need to learn to distinguish: who really needs your help, and who doesn't need it at all, they show only their egoism.

How to recognize this?

It needs to be felt in the depths of your heart.

Remember, it happens that you so much want to help someone who asks you for help, that this internal call does not stop and cannot be appeased, as if the soul is hurting for this person and asking for it.

And this is a true appeal! You just want to help, not expecting anything in return, and you don’t care: whether it is close to you or a complete stranger. You just want to help, from the heart, with all my heart …

Remember, and it so happens that you feel an internal rejection. You are asked for help, and you feel with your whole being that you don’t need help at all.

Sometimes you feel that a person is not sincere and is not honest with you.

Sometimes you feel that asking for help is not his soul, but his ego, and he himself has to go through and overcome everything; this is his life lesson.

Sometimes you feel that you are trying to lead and manage, to influence you, knowing how bright and open you are.

My dear ones, always listen to your heart and cultivate inner strength, as you refuse to help a person when you feel that she doesn’t need it from you at all, it is tremendous strength of mind, courage and honesty of the heart, your trust in feelings and sensations – keeping the Soul.

What do you need to do in this case?

Be sincere with a person, tell from a pure heart what you feel inside, inspire him to go through this life lesson and believe in him. He will overcome everything, everything will pass, because within each of you there is a great and powerful Divine power hidden, and you are not given what you cannot pass.

Also, my dear, I would like to warn you about another "pitfall" that you can meet in the way of helping everyone around.

You often hurry and cannot distinguish the true call of the Soul from the violent and restless call of your ego, when you want to help, not because you feel with all your heart that you really need help, and pride "drives you to earn spiritual merits."

What needs to be done to distinguish it?

First you need to calm down and not hurry. Whenever you want to help someone, align with your heart, enter its harmony and silence, peace and tranquility – let it lead. Learn to feel: what is true and what is false; that light, and that darkness; that the soul, and that the ego – let an honest and sincere heart tell you the answer!

Our beloved ones, just trust your heart, its subtle sensitivity, it will always tell you: when your help is needed by everyone, and when you just need to accept other people's lesson with love.

With love for you

your archea faith.

Adopted Magda, 1.11.2018

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