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Archea Aurora – Mute requests. 2.11.2018.

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Archea Aurora - Mute requests. 2.11.2018.

My relatives, you often ask us the question: “Is it necessary to hear a request for help from a person or can you help him with something just like that, since his heart is calling?”

My dear, pure hearts, always listen and trust yourself, your subtle feelings and sensations inside – this is your guiding star.

Can you ask a plant, an animal or a small child for help in words? But with great love and care you are helping them, without even thinking about whether it is bad or good.

You just feel with all your heart that your help is needed. Here you believe in yourself and feel: if you don’t help you now, then who, brushing off all doubts in your way.

You just trust yourself and create great and good miracles in the world, helping your brothers to smaller ones, helping nature, helping children … These are miracles of mercy, non-indifference, kindness, cordiality, sincerity …

Why, when a person stands before you, you start asking yourself questions: is it possible to help him, and do I have the right to do so, did he ask me correctly, and would I not harm him …? A limitless number of questions appear in your head.

My dear ones, just trust yourself, your inner feelings, your heart and follow it. In the inner world and peace you will hear the answer, the soul will call you.

Just feel with your heart all the people. Through the heart, you connect with their souls, simply merge in unity and feel them, and from this you know for sure whether your help is needed or not.

Their souls often ask for help for people and it is you who feel it inside you, her call when you simply feel a pure and irresistible desire to help, just like that, from the bottom of your heart.

Words can be deceiving, and the heart never lies. Feel everyone around with your open and pure heart, just trust the inner subtle sensations and follow your soul, let the Light in the world become even more.

With love for you

your archea faith.

Received Magda, 02.11.2018

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