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Archangel Uriel – The time has come! 10/12/2018.

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Archangel Uriel - The time has come! 10/12/2018.

My dear and beloved, I am the Archangel Uriel, I am the Light and Love of God.

My relatives, the time has come!

The time has come to open up to all your inner Light, the limitless Light of your Divine essence, and live in these high energies on the New Earth.

All the firefly people, the Pioneers of the new century, who embodied now on Earth and chose the quantum transition with all their Soul, agreed to participate in this great and powerful process of energy and physical transformation of the planet and everything that is on it.

They, having not yet come to Earth, into this flesh, promised all the Light Forces and God that they would shed the Light of their Divine essence, their inner stream, everywhere and everywhere.

It’s a long time ago, dear ones, to be bright and beautiful Divine beings, not only in words but in deeds, since the pace of a quantum transition, manifestations on the physical level of the New Earth, depend on each of you.

The whole process of internal and external transformation depends on you, since you are part of it, you play the main and main role. This is a common and single experience for you all, all firefly people.

The time has come not for words, but for actions. Each of you, awakened in your inner Light, transforms the entire space around you. And wherever you are, everything is cleansed, harmonized, transformed, leveled and filled with the high vibration of your being.

This is your powerful inner transforming power, as a great and beautiful Divine being!

Wherever you go, bring within yourself the peace and tranquility of your Soul.

Wherever you go, think first of all not about yourself, but feel yourself a part of everything, merge with everyone in unity and love.

Wherever you go, bring all the Light and Love of your hearts. This high energy transforms better than any words, as it is a silent, high and pure Light.

You have transformed yourself from the inside for a long time and returned to your true essence – the radiant Light and boundless Love. The time has come to bestow the whole world with this divine radiance!

Transform and transform all spaces with your inner Light, fill it with your high energy, transfer everything around to a higher level of vibration. And you will see that the world is changing, as if by magic, – the fifth dimension of the Earth appears on the physical level.

With love to you

your archangel Uriel.

Accepted by Magda, 10/12/2018

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