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Archangel Uriel – The Awakening of the Inner Light. 11/15/2018.

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Archangel Uriel - The Awakening of the Inner Light. 11/15/2018.

My relatives, I am Archangel Uriel, I am the Light and Love of the eyes of God, I am your friend and loving brother.

My beloved, today I have come to tell you about the inner flight, about the wonderful feeling of indescribable goodness inside, about the sublime inner state in which you want not to walk, but to fly on the earth, rejoice and love, giving this Light to everyone around.

Many of you have already felt it inside and can remember these magical and sublime sensations. We are very happy for you that you could.

These wonderful sensations are your inner Light when you just glow from within. This is your essence, this is you …

Many Light Forces helped you to come to this, to feel Yourself, your exalted essence, at least for a moment.

For a long time we have all shared our high and pure Divine Light with you, a lot of powerful energy of the Creator's Light was sent to you.

We wanted our Light to awaken in you the same, so that you wake up from your sleep and finally remember Yourself who you are and how you can shine.

We are very pleased that our energies have done their invisible and delicate work, many of you have been able to feel indescribable goodness and love, your real Light, and have awakened to it.

My dear ones, you clearly felt an incredibly beautiful feeling of high flight, incredible goodness and joy, Light inside, in the most powerful and peak energy days. And it gave you an inner push to awaken from within.

A person who has felt at least once the wonderful Light that lives inside will always strive for it, since it is simply impossible to forget. I want to always live in this wonderful Light day and night, always “fly”, always shine.

This is a huge impulse for your spiritual development, a huge help, so that your desire to return to Yourself, to your Light, every day inside you only grows.

This high desire will help you to get rid of all the ego's illusions on your way, from all fears and doubts, because in order to shine and live constantly in the sense of high and blissful “flight”, you must not stand still, but constantly move, develop, grow and return to your Light.

First of all, it is necessary to open more and more with our inner Divine purity, with even greater sincerity and sincerity, with our holiness, more and more to Yourself …

First, you lighten the most coarse and dark sides of your human personality, and then descend deeper and deeper into the lowermost layers to make room for the Light and your Divine essence, to highlight all the inner darkness in yourself.

Every day you become more sensitive, the awareness inside you grows and it becomes easier and easier for you to feel in yourself what is your Divine essence and what is temporary ego-darkness.

If one day, having felt your inner Light, then remain standing still, do not develop spiritually further, then any high sensations will begin to fade and fade, as in a swamp, and you will no longer shine.

It is necessary to maintain your inner Light: constantly choose it, constantly open to it, constantly wake up to it … It means looking more and more deeply into yourself: in all your thoughts, emotions, desires, feel and choose Light, vibratingly rising upwards with each during the day you became lighter and cleaner.

Secondly, in order to always feel your Light and live in its blessed energies of inner happiness and “flight,” it is necessary to increase it in yourself, which means to share it, to give it.

What you are sharing only multiplies and grows within you. If you want to shine and shine every day, then share this Light with everyone around and as your Soul calls.

Share your Light just like that, from the whole Soul, then you will not be disturbed by your ego, seeking benefits, awaiting recognition, requiring a response to your actions from everyone around you.

Just radiate with the Light and let it grow inside you! Inspire and support, rejoice and smile, help and share everything you want with all your heart.

Do it the way we do: just shine for all of you and accept you as you are.

It's time to shine, it's time to be yourself!

You can all shine just as we do, you can all give your love to everyone around you, you can all live in inner goodness, happiness and love!

With love to you all

your Archangel Uriel.

Took Magda. 11/15/2018

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