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Archangel Uriel – Practice "Return to Unity" .27.11.2018.

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Archangel Uriel - Practice "Return to Unity" .27.11.2018.

My relatives, I am Archangel Uriel, I am the Light and Love of the eyes of God, I am your friend and loving brother.

Our beloved ones, we have been telling you for a long time about the magnificence of the fifth dimension, about how wonderful and joyful life there is, about what high and magical Divine energies are there, that everything is simply imbued with them.

The time has come for you all to move on, to all of humanity. This process has been in full swing for a long time and each of you, raising your vibrations, makes your invisible small steps.

Today I would like to give you a very important and necessary practice, so that you join the flow of energies of the fifth dimension of the Earth and feel even more that you are already in a completely different world, a new world – a world of unlimited joy and love.

Our relatives, the more the world of the fifth dimension differs from the third one?

It is distinguished by its internal unity, solidarity, integrity … where everyone lives as one single and loving Family, caring for each other, infinitely loving.

It is in these energies that the most sacred is awakened: the beautiful Divine Heart opens, ready to let in absolutely everyone, to bestow on everyone its magic radiance on the Light of Love.

In order to start the process of returning to unity, to the unity of hearts, to a friendly and boundless Family, I invite you to do a very simple, but very important and necessary practice every day.

Practice "Return to Unity"

Every day, my dear ones, tune in to unlimited unity with all the people that exist on Earth.

Just "open the door wide" of your heart and imagine how you connect with all of humanity, with every person on the planet – with its Highest Divine part. It is necessary to merge with everyone and feel oneself as a part of each person, to feel everyone directly from the depths of oneself, since everything is one in this world.

You, as a beautiful Divine being, filled with boundless and powerful shine, connect with such great beings of Light all over the planet. You unite in one and remember the true Divine unity and inner affinity.

From this inner confluence, you will feel yourself as part of one single and unlimited Family, as by uniting with the Highest Divine aspects of people, you will unite with all the Light Forces: Angels and Archangels, Spiritual Mentors and Ascended Masters, Gods …

Each person is part of an infinite Divine Family, each is a part of the Archangel, the Ascended Master, the Holy One, God or Goddess … they, like a “chain”, are connected by an invisible “thread”.

When you merge with everyone, you feel like a part of a large and limitless Family. You feel that you are a part of every person and of all Light Forces that manifest through people.

This magical and sublime inner feeling returns you to the integrity and unity, returns to unity with all, to the unity of all.

Feel within yourself every day the presence of your infinite Divine Family: from each person, his Highest particle, to all Light Forces. Feel their Divine presence always near you, as if you are constantly holding each other with invisible and numerous “hands”.

Doing this practice every day, feeling inner unity and kinship, feeling like a part of a huge and boundless Divine Family, this will become a natural and familiar state for you.

You will not notice how your heart will open even wider, your consciousness will expand, all the “dividing boundaries” will disappear and you will simply join the world of unity and boundless love, finding yourself in very high vibrations.

With love for you

your Archangel Uriel.

Received Magda, 11/27/2018

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