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Archangel Uriel – Light transforms darkness. 10/14/2018.

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Archangel Uriel - Light transforms darkness. 10/14/2018.

My dear and beloved, I am the Archangel Uriel, I am the Light and Love of the eyes of God, I am your friend and loving brother.

My dear, today I came to you again to continue talking with you about the transformation and transformation of space and you, as an integral part of this magical process.

I came to tell you in more detail about how you can influence the whole world and help the process of awakening and the quantum transition of all mankind and the whole planet: what you need to do and what absolutely not.

My beloved, your most important and powerful force is your inner Light, your pure and bright energies, your high vibrations.

It is they who work miracles and transform everything around. Everything that is inside of you will also appear in the external world, since everything is subject to the single law of the Universe: what is inside and outside.

And the more you have the inner Light, the radiance of your Soul and Spirit, your Divine essence, the more you influence this high energy on the whole world, the stronger and more powerful you are.

Where does this Light come from within you?

When you live in harmony and love, when you are calm and quiet, when you are full of love, you open yourself, the light of your divine being. This stream flows into you, into all your bodies, and fills everything around you, the whole world with this energy.

The longer you can be in such a blissful and exalted state, the more you “anchor” this high energy in yourself, the more you manifest your true Light and open to it, returning to Yourself.

When you walk on the earth in such a beautiful and wonderful radiance, then everything changes around.

When people enter your space, then everything calms down, harmonizes, aligns, inspires, inspires, and even to some extent wake up, as if by magic. So you influence them with peace and quiet of your bright and loving Soul, your high vibration.

When you go into space, into buildings and into premises, often into the heavy and low energy of many public places, you illuminate them with your inner radiance and everything changes like in a world of miracles. Walls, ceilings, all objects, air, everything around … begins to shine, all low energy dissolves, all negativity, as if you washed everything around with your Light.

And it all works when you go to the world, to all people, to all places, without an internal struggle, with great acceptance and love for everyone, absolutely everyone.

It was then that all the invisible walls-barriers between two worlds were erased: light and darkness, the fifth dimension and the third, heaven and earth … and the "doors" to the New World, Home, opened for all.

Your high vibrations, your purest Light, begins to penetrate into darkness itself, into all people, into any spaces … and change them, transform them.

You do not need to invent anything, do anything at the behest of the mind. You just need to live in the stream of inner Light, in the purity and love of your heart, in the peace and tranquility of your Soul, in unity with everything and simply illuminate the whole world, every person on the way with this high vibration.

This is the path and mission of all the firefly people who came to illuminate the whole world with their Light and thereby launch the invisible but powerful process of the internal transformation of the planet and humanity – to manifest the New World on Earth.

My relatives, live in harmony and love of your heart, bring and give this Light at ease to everyone around.

With love to you

your archangel Uriel.

Accepted by Magda on 10/14/2018


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