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Archangel Uriel – Just Shine! 10/16/2018.

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Archangel Uriel - Just Shine! 10/16/2018.

My dear and beloved, I am the Archangel Uriel, I am the Light and Love of the eyes of God, I am your friend and loving brother.

My dear ones, today I came to you to supplement my previous message “Light transforms darkness”.

We asked you to simply carry to everyone around us our inner and pure Light, just to shine and shine, and nothing more.

Why is it so important for us now?

Because the Light is your high vibrations when you live in inner harmony and love of your heart, in joy and happiness, in great acceptance for everything …

Light is your essence!

Living constantly in your Light, you carry these high vibrations inside. Wherever you go, they are always with you, within you. This is no longer fleeting, brief, temporary, but daily, every minute and even every second and constant huge help, support in the quantum transition for everyone.

Your energies freely and easily fill the spaces and all around people. This happens naturally and non-violently. So you do not violate anyone's will or right to choose, you do not need to think: are you acting right or not.

All the spaces of the planet are automatically cleansed and enlightened in your presence, in your stream, simply transformed, as if by magic, and become energetically light.

All people who are ready to take in this “light”, a piece of your Light, simply take it, and it, as the Divine “seed”, begins to grow and awaken from within. A person changes and does not even understand why, new bright ideas and high awareness come to him, he begins to change himself and his life, to look for higher values, new goals and a new path. Those people who are not yet ready to accept this Light into themselves will simply go on, you will not interfere with their experience and choice.

You often think: how can you not harm anyone. Here, you don’t need to think at all, you just need to maintain your high vibrations, your inner Light, so that it fills and illuminates everyone around.

And it depends only on you: how much you kindle in yourself the fire of your Divine essence, your inner Light, how harmonious and full of love you are, how much you open up to true joy and accept the whole world with a pure heart.

Let your inner world shine brighter than the sun, may the Light of your Soul be felt by as many people as possible, may your high energy transform the whole world!

With love to you

your archangel Uriel.

Accepted by Magda, 10.16.2018

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