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Archangel Uriel – Feel Who You Are. 10/24/2018.

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Archangel Uriel - Feel Who You Are. 10/24/2018.

My dear and loved ones, I am Archangel Uriel, I am the Light and Love of the eyes of God, I am your friend and loving brother.

My dear ones, today I came to you with all the Light Forces, with your numerous and huge Heavenly Family, to tell you that the time has come for you all to remember – who you are.

You have lived so long in the world of low vibrations, in darkness, that it is time to finally remember Yourself who you are and have always been – a beautiful, great and shining Divine being, the Light of Love.

In each of you there is this unearthly Divine fire, your inner and everlasting Light. All of them are embedded in the wonderful spark of your Soul, and through it there is a connection with absolutely everything.

You have never lost this Light in yourself, it has always been inside of each of you, and even right now. You just need to remember it, wake up from sleep.

Our beloved, the time has come, it's time to remember everything. You promised before your incarnation that in whatever low energy your life experience brought you, you still remember yourself: who you are and why you are here.

The time has come to remember, since right now, on the threshold of the merging of two worlds, when incredibly high and transforming energies of the Universe and the Creator are pouring, and “heavens descend to the earth,” the greatest and greatest help has been sent to you.

We are all with you, with each of you, and God was and is inside you!

Dear ones, in order to finally remember Yourself, we ask you to feel us, all Light Forces, and to merge with us in a high Divine energy, in a stream of infinite and infinite all-consuming Love.

Call us and feel our unity and kinship, feel our presence inside, our unearthly Divine flow, as Light pours from within.

In each of us, absolutely in all, lives one united and immortal Spirit. He is in all Light Forces, he is inside you. It is his, your divinity, and you need to feel in yourself.

We are all ready to help you! We are all ready to give you so much of our Divine energy, so much energy of the radiance of our Spirit, so that it awakens the immortal Light in you.

We are ready to give you a high and powerful impulse of awakening, so that you feel within yourself the sacred Spirit, which is in all, and remembered Yourself (I am shown that this impulse is somewhat similar to the discharge of electric current that a person makes during cardiac arrest and clinical death. From this stream, the heart begins to beat again, resurrecting a person, but it becomes completely different.)

Our dear ones, just call upon all of us, all the Light Forces, and ask to convey an impulse of awakening for you. Feel our incredibly powerful and high energies inside, as they pour directly into your heart and into your whole being, opening from the inside (for greater effect, this must be done in a meditative state).

Such a powerful Light, the One Spirit, lives within you! Feel it in yourself and remember Yourself, your Spirit and the light of the Soul, your Divine essence! We are together in the stream of boundless and endless love! We are one with you inside, we are part of one!

With infinite love for you,

your Archangel Uriel and your entire Heavenly Family.

Received Magda, 10/24/2018

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