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Archangel Michael – The Key to the New Life.18.11.2018.

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Archangel Michael - The Key to the New Life.18.11.2018.

Oh, people of Mother Planet Gaia, I greet all of you at this hour! Accept my message with your heart, open your mind, I will tell you some moments today and you will find many interesting things between the lines. Perhaps the Key will fall into your hands, then consider that happiness has come to you.

So let's start a bit from afar. What a wonderful life you have, so many different developments, acquaintances in the right business and many of you have saved a lot of money, and business is not limping at this hour. And many, it should be noted, live il survive, your slang so to speak, but no one dies by the Spirit. Always strive for the best. And this is your life on Earth. But let's move on to a different facet. Earthlings, listen to me, Archangel Michael.

The spiritual world, what does it mean for man, what is possible to extract for the essence of man, where life is all in vanity, in earthly problems? Now we will talk about it.

And did you know, Man, that the Earth was once born in the Universe, a civilization first human appeared. Oh, it is many trillions of years ago and it is hidden from your consciousness. Civilization went through its evolutionary cycles and each had a lot of beautiful, their own patterns of life. And in each century, their gods and, by the way, they are all around you now. And people were at the level of their high, they introduced their own innovations and received knowledge from the Cosmos; they were striving upward from the apex of the Spirit. But each epoch of life on Earth has its own prerogatives, a bit lacking the light path – everything collapsed and life began in a new way.

In your memory there is the birth of religions, but as usual it happened earlier – the mind of a person distorted all of them. Now, knowledge from the Cosmos is given to all earthlings, and here the human mind is opposed to everything.

Oh, man, how long will you keep your consciousness here, on Earth, locked up? Reveal the truth, believe me, there are many different lives, and you may perhaps take the experience for yourself. So much has already been given to you through the messages of Extraterrestrial beings, but the human mind always says "perhaps astral misleads here." Oh, dear ones, if you are under the control of the lower structures, then you can read no further here. Your doubts are your enemy and I wish you, first to recognize yourself.

And to you, who believe the Higher Forces, who always feel in their hearts, there is no fear and doubt, and only a desire for Light — for you, I will continue, friends.

I will explain to you some moments and if you catch their meaning, the Key to your New Life will manifest itself outside. In your outer world, there will be a different perception; you will learn to distinguish where the truth is, where the lies are, the consciousness will expand and your heart will stir up.

So, friends, when during your reflections, all of a sudden the fantastic emerges in thoughts sometimes, do not shut yourself off from them in any way, but try to apply them, perhaps gradually, in your life sometimes. Here, of course, difficulties will arise, since the earthly world is not yet ready – blind faith.

Many outlines of the new into the illusion introduces Masters, since all the processes are on the mental level, and it is necessary to introduce them gradually into the present-day field, without abrupt chaotic energy movements, but at the call of your Soul. And it is worth doing once or twice, or maybe three – then the processes will go smoothly, in full view. Practically, all this is already on your glorious Mother Earth, but is only hidden from your consciousness. And a person is mired in low frequencies and sees only the bad in reality, but when the Light is worth it, let the Divine enter into itself, as soon as the colors of life change their style.

Oh yes, a little distracted from this issue. Your world is transforming, let's say, not in an instant, but in an hour. The flow of new is the entrance to your space – many people's hearts are working on it. And let someone take them for a sect or abnormal, they carry a special mission of the Soul. And those who condemn, well, what to do – they do not understand what is important in the update. Their consciousness under seven seals is closed, they are not given to master this energy process-project. Indeed, in your life you are all different – in professions, in characters and feelings in relation to yourself, to Love. We all are sent to them. Sadness, their choice was made like this. Take lessons – oh, not just that, so they move through the maze.

Now the second moment to get the Key. It also sounds for the perception of your ideas in the mainstream of fantastic ideas.

When you suddenly are in a state of confusion and the indignation of you is ablaze with bright fire, you must direct a sharp inner gaze into the situation that you don’t like – to enter its central grain, you already know how to do it. Spread your mental wings and direct the Light of the Source to that place. And you will see an incredible picture, all the darkness will frighten away. They are already saturated with your Light, but here the Divine, the Light, it can harm them. Having filled the entire space with the Light, you filled it with goodwill – and this gives you a pass to the upper layers, since those bunches that are allowed for the experience of the human being will not adhere to you.

Here the principle is the same – Do good for good, for the sake of a beautiful life. Your fields will take a new mechanism to go through the layers to the tops. I suppose you get the point here. Restore your bodies and Mind. And only the lazy will not have enough strength and his choice will go through the maze.

There are still many moments, but for the beginning these will be enough for you. So, by the way, sometimes try, and the result, he will be in front of you, personally. And the initiates will experience all this for the first time. And those who go to the Light of God without rushing, he will also receive it in small portions – there is still fear in his consciousness and his heart is shut. For them, situations will be arranged for the awakening of consciousness and the Soul. All people will move to a new dimension, and your frequencies are being prepared for others.

The moment will come, I will come back again to continue. Dare, dear friends! Everything will work out perfectly for you, you are Divine children, His vibrations are with you.

I say today, bye! Let there be many magical changes in your life. You, the main thing – Love your life and believe it every moment. I hug you, I love you!

Archangel Michael.

She accepted Amadeus in co-creation with Elancia-Velimas.


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