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Archangel Michael – 11:11:11. The colors of love (through Celia Fenn).

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Archangel Michael - 11:11:11. The colors of love (through Celia Fenn).

Posted on October 21, 2018

How to embody the incoming angel frequencies for the New Earth

Beloved Family of Earth, we know that it was a stormy time on your Earth and that many of you had trouble continuing to move on. Moving towards the end of 2018, you will find that there will be a “completion” of much that you no longer need in your life moving towards New Earth. It can be people and relationships, work, home or even places that once attracted you. But rest assured, beloved, that the new light and new blessings are approaching to take their place as you move toward entry into 2019.

Now you are approaching the powerful Temporary Gate and the 11/11 Galactic Initiation portal, which will open on November 11th. And this year, this portal resonates with the number 11/11/11, which turns it into the Triple Christ energy portal. Which, of course, means that the energies passing through it will be very intense and powerful and will provide you with the additional “elevator” necessary to move your time spiral to the frequencies of the New Earth.

In this Triple Christ energy portal, you will “modernize” your Light / physical body, so that you can more clearly receive the incoming angel frequencies of Light that will manifest the reality of the New Earth.

Angelic frequencies of light and how to embody them in their daily lives

Last year, the intensity and frequency of incoming light codes increased.

Now you are in a period of minimal solar activity, when there are almost no solar flares in the solar activity of your planetary system. This allowed the use of deep galactic packet transmissions, such as the Diamond Light Codes, to play a leading role in the creation of the New Earth and in the direction of the ascension process due to changes in the light and physical bodies.

Now the very high vibration frequencies of angelic light pass through the Galactic center and help you raise your consciousness to a level where you can manifest a new Earth in your reality.

These frequencies of angelic light are waves of soft and luminous plasma energy, manifested as waves of beautiful color in which Divine Love is encoded, as well as information for transformation and ascension.

The frequencies of angelic light can be perceived as color, but also as sound harmonics, as waves, or “symbols”, or hieroglyphs known as the “language of light” or original codes of the angelic fire of Creation.

Beloved ones, as you spiral upward into the frequencies of the New Earth, you will embody these angel frequencies and become transmitters of the Codes they carry. You will also learn that healing energies are in these frequencies, and learn how to work with these energies and codes to bring healing and balance to yourself and others.

The way to translate these frequencies into your daily life is to recognize these “waves” of Divine Light, and then the ability to intuitively perceive colors, sounds, and symbols so that you can bring balance to where it is lost and healing where you need it.

Soon, when the waves pass through various portals and gates, you will also begin to “see” them with your physical eyes and catch the “flicker” of the angelic frequency. If you perceive sounds better, you can begin to hear sounds and music, if you better perceive the language of Light, you can start to see symbols, or hear speech, or start moving to express them through your body in dance movements.

It is important to embody the “heart and soul” of these frequencies, because at the lower levels they cause destruction and chaos. It is their mission to destroy the old and no longer needed and create space for the new. Thus, in your life, you can either collapse and wallow in chaos, or you can enter your Mastery, constitute New light codes and express the energy of the New Earth and New Creations.

At this time there are no “neutral” spaces on your Earth, because the changes and transformations are too intense. It is time to take your place, make your choice and embody the incoming angel frequencies as the Master of the embodied Light!

Transformation of the physical and light bodies

Beloved family, in order to better assimilate the flow and integrate the new frequencies of the angelic light, the light and physical bodies had to adapt in a certain way.

First, the pineal gland was “enlarged” and rebuilt at the energy level to allow more light and higher frequencies to be distributed between the physical and light bodies.

These changes in the pineal gland also make it possible to create an energy structure around the head, known as the Golden Crown. This structure holds the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness and holds it between the Star of Soul chakra and the crown chakra, forming the Bridge of Light between the Soul and the physical aspects of Self.

While you are undergoing this transformation, you may experience symptoms in the head, especially in the pineal gland at the base of the skull, as well as in the head and sinuses, up to the jaw and teeth. They can range from pressure to severe pain, as the body adapts to this new flow of light energy. The elevated pineal flow also affects the pituitary gland, the thymus and the thyroid gland. An increase in energy in these areas can also increase the symptoms and discomfort in the throat and spine in the upper back.

But know, beloved, that when these energies are integrated and as the body becomes more comfortable with these new streams, your creative abilities and your ability to manifest will increase significantly.

Now is the time to start creating a new Earth!

Colors of love

Each of these waves of plasma light energy flowing through the portals of the Earth carries its own message of Love, Compassion and Creativity. Each of these waves has its own color and sound frequencies and its own set of codes in the angelic language of Light.

Developing the intuitive ability to see and hear these waves of color, sound, and code will greatly enhance our ability to integrate energy waves and share angel frequencies with others as a method of healing and balancing.

We will be able to “ride” the waves, consciously working with the frequency and the message of the wave, and not just be captured by chaos and suffer because of the collapse and destruction as a result of the passage of the waves.

Beloved Ones, we invite you to rejoice in the incoming waves of light, color and sound and work with the codes and language of Light as you will, as you master the streams of Divine Consciousness that build the New Earth in your reality.

We wish you a happy passing through the portal 11/11/11 and a fruitful time of Manifestation and Love.

Translation Isa, for the site OMAR TA SATT

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