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Archangel Gabriel – Inner Light shows the way. 10.26.2018

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Archangel Gabriel - Inner Light shows the way. 10.26.2018

My relatives, I am Archangel Gabriel, I am the Light and Love of God.

I came to you today to help you on your way again.

Our beloved, the dream of almost every person on Earth is to find your own way: your mission, your purpose, to understand why they are here.

This desire is in the depths of each of you and it motivates you to develop and grow spiritually.

But in the way of each of you is your dark part — your ego. Because of him, you cannot clearly see where you are going. The ego offers you many illusory roads: financial wealth and excessive luxury, fame and glory, career, consumer chase, games of separation and separation …

At first you play his games, looking for yourself in material values, in the outside world, looking for happiness and love in others.

But then, having played enough, you slowly wake up and come out of the numerous desires of the ego, they are not so interesting for you, not so necessary, you lose interest in them and you begin to desire something else: something high and pure, something Divine …

From your pure and light desires your sacred Heart begins to awaken. This is the guiding star that starts to lead you.

The heart is no longer interested in the simple and base desires of the ego, the Heart wants a bright and sublime path. It wants peace and kindness, joy and happiness, wonderful in all the spiritual warmth and boundless open love.

And from this pure heart desire, new paths appear before you — roads that you have never seen before.

At first, the heart does not shine so much, not so confidently, it does not lead so clearly … and you can still wander and stray: either by following the right path of Light, then turning on the way, playing into the material game, into the ego.

My relatives, and this is perfectly normal, you gradually open up to your inner Light, gradually open your heart towards love, gradually get out of the influence and power of the ego.

But every day, waking up to an ever greater Inner Light – more and more opening up to honesty, sincerity, kindness, joy, optimism … and, of course, unlimited love – you begin to see not many paths, but only one – the path of your Soul.

He is not confused with anything! You will know for sure: what to do, where to go and what you are here for. You will feel this inside as subtle inner knowledge.

Our relatives, you can find your way only in yourself, since only your inner Light can open and illuminate this road.

You can walk the path of the Soul only with an open and fearless Heart, having fully trusted the inner Light – subtle feelings and sensations, the intuition that leads you. Only under this inner guidance, in this inner confidence, can one freely and easily go without straying from the path.

Our beloved, live with the honesty and sincerity of your heart, with its infinite love, and open every day to your true goal of life – to your bright path of the Soul.

With love for you

your Archangel Gabriel.

Accepted Magda, 10/26/2018

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