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Archangel Gabriel (daily messages) ~ Wednesday, October 31, 2018. Everything is in order.

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Archangel Gabriel (daily messages) ~ Wednesday, October 31, 2018. Everything is in order.

Shelly Young

Shelley's note: To all readers who ever decide to share on Facebook a daily message published a long time ago. So yesterday happened with this message, and I thought that this is what we need to hear today, so I decided to publish it again. Thanks to Milton Foster for once again providing this text to all of us. I honestly do not remember when it was originally received, but I know that today it is as relevant as the day I accepted it.

Dear ones, we want you to know that everything is in order. Whether you are meditating or not, everything is in order. If you are tolerant and love, then no, that's all right. If one day you shine brightly, and then the week does not shine – everything is in order. Everything is good.

You see, you grow and expand, and you will do it at your own unique pace. In some areas, you will move forward quickly, in others it may take longer. You choose how you want to do something. From our point of view, any movement is a movement forward. Regardless of whether you are achieving great success or are stalled in a riotous flourishing resistance, all this will lead to progress, since even the greatest resistance eventually leads to surrender and growth.

We strongly recommend that you find the easiest way for you to move forward, because discomfort is not necessarily a prerequisite for growth. You can accept your evolution, and also thanks to the surrender and the flow to expand beautifully. But entirely your choice – how you prefer to do something. “But Gabriel, how can we understand that we are growing?” – you ask.

The answer to this question is simple, dear: by the fact that you are in the body, on the planet.

Archangel Gabriel

Translation Isa, for the site OMAR TA SATT

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