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Archangel Gabriel (daily messages) ~ Wednesday, November 22, 2018. In which phase of life are you?

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Archangel Gabriel (daily messages) ~ Wednesday, November 22, 2018. In which phase of life are you?

Via Shelley Young

We talked a lot about the fact that you are completing the first phase of your incarnation and are entering a completely new period of life. You summarize everything as if you had a review of life at its conclusion. For many of you, what you have experienced in the past and on healing and releasing what you worked on will begin to feel very far away, as if it were in a past life.

Old patterns that would have provoked you would no longer be valid. The methods that you used to give your power are no longer a matter of choice. Those areas of life where you have encountered difficulties are no longer a problem, because you have gone from this timeline.

Some of you are already in the new phase of your life, some are in the process of transition between phases, while others have not yet finished summing up the old. How to understand where you are?

If you are at the next stage of your incarnation, although all the elements may not have come together and you just get glimpses of the new, you have a clear idea of ​​what you belong to, where you are and that you have entered the beginning of the new. You could move or gain experience related to other vital events, such as a career change or life partner change (or all of the above!). You do not feel any traction to travel or leave, but, more likely, you will be busy grounding in the energy of the place where you are and present.

If you are in an intermediate phase, you know that the past is complete. You have a sense of completeness with respect to the past, but there is still no clear vision of where to go next. You know that this is not the place where you have already been. Although this phase may be difficult and uncomfortable, your discomfort lets you know that your energy no longer corresponds to the old, and something new is in the process of manifestation for you. You can feel the excitement, the willingness to move, the feeling that you are looking forward to the news or you are sure that change is coming.

If you still sum up the old, you still feel the need to be where you were. You can focus on refurbishing your base to support future changes. This may include concentrating on healing, focusing on dismantling old topics, preferring loneliness, or learning new skills needed for the next phase. You may be fulfilling the old roles or ministry contracts that you have entered into and for which you know that they will be completed, but have not yet been fully fulfilled.

Please know that you can very quickly go through the different phases in the new energies that you are entering into. For any phase there is no clearly defined time — they all unfold in a divinely perfect way. Deep changes can happen in the blink of an eye, even though you have been preparing for them for so long.

Follow your heart. Listen to your inner knowledge. Stream when movement is maintained, and rest, gaining clarity about who you really are and what your preferences are when it is not. The coming year will provide you with much more information when you come out of this crucial year of transformation.

Archangel Gabriel

Translation Isa, for the site OMAR TA SATT

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