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Archangel Gabriel (daily messages) ~ Sunday, November 4, 2018. It’s time to go home.

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Archangel Gabriel (daily messages) ~ Sunday, November 4, 2018. It’s time to go home.

Via Shelley Young

Too much employment causes distraction of attention. Distraction leads to detachment. Detachment is one of the most common causes of emotional wounds.

Have you filled your life so much that it is difficult to be present both with yourself and with your loved ones? Your presence allows you to feel connected, empathetic, accepting and being a person who is trustworthy, and therefore others can come to him with their feelings. An overabundance of amusement results in separation and fixes it.

This is not a competition, dear ones, where it is determined how much it can be done in one day. The glorification of amusement, which takes place in modern society, has led to the fact that among all the distractions, people have lost themselves. It's time to go back home.

We urge you to take time for yourself and reconfigure your life into a more balanced creation, much more doable. Aim for yourself. Create a space that allows you to connect with both the Source and your loved ones. Allow yourself to slow down, because your presence is your beauty and the greatest gift, because it allows the love you are, to shine – this is what the whole world longs for.

Archangel Gabriel

Translation Isa, for the site OMAR TA SATT

Source of translation and publication of the site "OMARTASATT"
Original text on trinityesoterics.com

Permission is granted to copy with full respect for the copyright of Shelley Young, the Isa translator and the OMAR TA SATT website (copying of the full message on the website).

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