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Archangel Gabriel (daily messages) ~ March 17, 2019. Do not be afraid to play with your own energy.

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Archangel Gabriel (daily messages) ~ March 17, 2019. Do not be afraid to play with your own energy.

Via Shelley Young

Dear Ones, we encourage you to experiment and play with your own energy.

If you intuitively connect with it, what color is your energy field? What color is it when you are balanced and stay at the maximum energy level available to you? What can you do to restore your energy to the ideal level? What color is any area that may need healing? What color will give her relief?

What word or essence calm you down? Put this word in your energy field. How do you feel it? Do you feel a powerful energy effect? Grow your seed of light by simply finding a golden spark in your center and watching it grow, expanding its golden sparkling light, until it fills all the space around you at arm's length. Still uncomfortable? Try to surround the created cocoon with soft fluffy pink energy.

You are experts of your own energy. Do not be afraid of her or the feeling that you will lose control over her. Play Use your imagination, which is a bridge to the mental part of your mind. Ask your energy body what it needs to thrive. Make your own special energetic mixture of light and pour it into your energy body right through the crown. Find what works for you, what helps you to shine and glow. You can do it, and this is an additional way you can explore your own sovereignty.

Archangel Gabriel

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