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Archangel Gabriel (daily messages) ~ February 10, 2019. How to heal, going beyond the limits of limiting beliefs + TECHNOLOGY.

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Archangel Gabriel (daily messages) ~ February 10, 2019. How to heal, going beyond the limits of limiting beliefs + TECHNOLOGY.

Via Shelley Young

If you have a limiting belief that you continue to repeat as a mantra, we recommend that you find an energy antidote to replace it.

For example, if you believe that trusting someone is not safe, you can imagine that this belief is energetically released from you in any way that suits you, and replace it with a new statement.

So perhaps you have the conviction that only fools trust other people. Beautiful and much more inspiring would be: "I trust wisely and shrewdly." So, imagine how a former belief is destroyed or dissipated, and a new one is written and placed in your energy field. When you pick up a new statement that brings you healing, you will experience a subtle but distinct shift in your heart center.

You can do this with what you think is holding you back, or with any area where you feel stuck. You can replace "I have nothing going together" with "I have everything manifested easily and elegantly." You can replace "No one understands me" with "I am noticed, respected and valued in my truth." “Life is difficult” is replaced by “I turn my life into a wonderful adventure.”

Do you see? You are the authors of your own life, and your words and belief systems have tremendous power. Record your limiting dialogue with yourself when you catch it in order to be able to start rewriting it.

If you have not tracked your thoughts in the process, which is very characteristic of entrenched beliefs, because they have been with you for a very long time, this is normal. Just wait until you feel particularly uncomfortable, and then examine the feelings behind this discomfort. Once you identify these feelings, you can find words that repeat and support these feelings, and then begin the process of rewriting.

This is a very simple and powerful technique that is quite accessible to everyone. In each shift through which you pass, there are quite a few outdated beliefs that can be identified and reworked, in order to treat with great respect what you really want and deserve. And if you need help creating your new statements, we are always ready to provide it. Just ask us to help, because we are honored to serve you in expanding your opportunities and development.

Archangel Gabriel

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