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Archangel Gabriel (daily epistles) ~ Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Archangel Gabriel (daily epistles) ~ Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Via Shelley Young

There is a belief that the Universe is sending you trials or lessons. This is simply not true. The idea of ​​lessons or trials implies that you are judged or evaluated – and there is nothing further from reality. It also means that you are powerless in what is happening to you – and that too is simply not true.

There are certain topics that you chose to go through during your incarnation. This is exploring opportunities in specific areas that you wish to explore. And the fact that you have chosen them as your main research means that you have the full potential for a deeper understanding and mastery of them. You would not decide to focus on an area to which you are not inclined or where there are no necessary conditions for success.

You are on the planet to develop in any unique direction that your soul currently wants to explore and expand. You are sovereign in all decisions and are happy to be fully immersed in your own field of study.

Archangel Gabriel

Translation of Isa, for the OMAR TA SATT website

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Source of translation and publication website "OMAR TA SATT" https://usa-health-online.com

Original text at trinityesoterics.com

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