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Archangel Gabriel (daily epistles) ~ Sunday, October 21, 2018 Statement of self.

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Archangel Gabriel (daily epistles) ~ Sunday, October 21, 2018 Statement of self.

Via Shelley Young

Many of you, wanting to regain control or protect yourself after a situation has hurt you, have vowed that they will never do anything again. Maybe it’s “I will never love again” or “I will never trust again” or “I will never let anyone become too close again” or any other denial.

We wish you to review all such statements that you can still support. You can recognize, recognize, or perhaps recall the time when you were hurt. As soon as you realize that you can carry it inside, we suggest you ask: “Does this really reflect my current wisdom?”, “Does it support my growth or hinder it?”, “Does this correspond to who I am today?” , "Does this move me to what I really want, or does it force me to get stuck in the old energy?"

You heal old limiting beliefs with new statements about yourself. You might want to replace “I will never believe again” with “I trust wisely and with distinction.” You can replace “I will never fall in love again” with the expression “It is safe for me to love and be loved; in fact, this is exactly what I am here for. ” You can "I will never allow anyone to become too close again" replaced by "Now the relationship supports me in every way and everything is going well."

Similar divorce oaths and statements were created reflexively by your wounded self. Can this part of you competently manage your entire incarnation? You are ready to be a wise, healed and benevolent leader of your life, dear ones. Is it time to take on this role?

Archangel Gabriel

Translation of Isa, for the OMAR TA SATT website

Source of translation and publication Website "OMARTASATT"
Original text at trinityesoterics.com

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