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Annunciation or a stub for God?

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Annunciation or a stub for God?

After the Holy Church celebrates the middle of Great Lent and remembers the holy cross, the symbol of God's love for us, as a reminder that the Lord descends into the hell of the souls of each of us in order to resurrect us by Himself, then the monastic memory itself comes . As we recall, there is no charter for the laity, and for quite a long time in the Russian Church, divine services are performed according to the monastery charter. And, accordingly, the monastic memories – this is John Climacus, this Sunday, the next Sunday – of St. Mary of Egypt – they should remind the monks of how important it is to pass your obedience in the world with the gospel, with the church, in the world with God. And what about us living in the world?

Today's Sunday coincides with the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and thereby reminds us of what is the Good News and what is not. As a rule, the Good News for us is when we feel good, everything is fine with our health, in our family and at work. But from the point of view of the Church, the Good News for us is about our disunity in this world. We did not just appear for some reason and die for some reason. God needs us so much that God was born and died for us. And the Good News is that a person is not alone, not alone with his sin, with his vices, with his tragedies of life. The Lord is compassionate to us – but in the event that we try to restrain our sins, our passions, various emotions. In this case, we are resurrected with God. An amazing and mysterious process takes place. It can not be disassembled into components and described on the technical side. But, nevertheless, this process is taking place.

And evidence of this is two thousand years of Church history. Yes, this story knows many unpleasant pages. But at the same time, this story shows many people who live the same way as you and I, but who have love for God and for this change their lives completely. And in this sense, John Climacus, who from his youth devoted his life to God, can also be an example of love for God – not a literal imitation, of course. Leave the family at 16, go to the monastery. Not. It is imitation in the love of God.

God should not offer a piece of his life. Do not devote to God some kind of periphery of your soul. This is how John Climacus devoted himself to God at 16, lived to a very old age, no one could ever say an evil word about him. So this is an absolutely wonderful way for each of us to devote ourselves to God from a young age, to bear our cross where the Lord gives — in the family, at work, in obedience. After all, in everyday life. It is easy to love all of humanity, but it is difficult to love a neighbor, especially if he is an unpleasant person. Or he drills something at night with a drill.

All these everyday moments of life necessarily need to be verified by the Gospel. Moreover, they are a test of how the gospel is rooted in our hearts. If we, coming from the temple, having heard enough of the Gospel, sniffing a wonderful incense, filled with emotions, are completely defenseless against temptations, temptations, problems that come in the family or from neighbors, then such Christianity is worthless. He is simply not there. We just had a good time. Our task is to come to the temple in order to arm our soul and, until the next arrival in the temple, try to live as if we really were Christians, and not just called them.

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