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Alexander Palienko – Innovation, Professionalism and Love.

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Alexander Palienko - Innovation, Professionalism and Love.

I often use the concepts of "novelty, professionalism and love" together, because they are inextricably linked. After all, as soon as you come out in love, you need to immediately rebrand, go to a novelty, and for this, turn out a new reflexive and other skills. In short, professionalism.

However, if your development vector is with a “plus” sign, and you get excited on the new, on the knowledge you acquire, on feeling yourself first as a Losers, then as a troechnik, then as good and move on, where everything is repeated, then you are mega – cool!

For, having reached the top of your level, you were at the bottom of the next one, although at the previous one you were the best! This is comparable to how you graduated from high school, and you still need to go to university. After university, you are again "at the bottom", and you need to study again, move forward again. And this process is endless. It is important to simply enjoy the state of the “Losers”, get high from the process while learning new things. And feel comfortable when people say about you: “His hands grow from his ass. And, in general, nothing will come of it. ” Know when they say that, they give you a lot of energy. Thank them and live on.

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