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Alexander Palienko – Calm.

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Alexander Palienko - Calm.

In our life it is very important not to hurry, not to doubt, to be an observer (to know and not to know at the same time, to believe and not to believe); thank for everything, communicate on equal terms, and be ready to die (let go of the past), and ready to be born again (let the future in).

The past and the future, and all our abilities and knowledge are the entities manifested through us, which either give or take energy.

When entities give us energy, we are uncomfortable, and if we are stupid, we become depressed. When taken, we experience a state of pleasure.

In other words, at the moment when we do something in pleasure, we give energy to entities. Missed through pleasure, it can return to us in the form of material values. However, this will only happen if we remain calm.

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