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Alcoholism close. November 13, 2018

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Alcoholism close. November 13, 2018

My relatives, people who go through the experience of alcoholism of their loved ones often turn to me. They often don’t know what to do or how to handle it.

I personally went through a similar life lesson and can share my experience. My close person has not been drinking for the third year already and he has made this conscious choice.

I had to work a lot on myself in order to get rid of this karma. Yes, alcoholism of loved ones is karma, which we have attracted by our low internal energy.

This test is not given to us for suffering, but only for the sake of spiritual development and growth, as it gives us tremendous help that cannot be seen with the mind, but it is felt with an honest and sincere heart.

What is necessary to understand and do first of all to begin to close this karma?

First, it is necessary to stop fighting the alcoholism of their loved ones, since the struggle generates only resistance and struggle, giving quick but temporary results, and does not remove the problem.

No matter how much you hide a vodka, donate a person to the hospital, neither scandals, nor condemn and criticize, or appeal to conscience and honor … the person always returns to alcohol until he wants to stop everything and stop drinking.

Try to just let go, let the person do what he wants and enjoy this experience of alcoholism to the full. He himself is responsible for his life and his actions, so his inner awareness will come faster, that he himself is responsible for everything, he himself makes a decision.

You can only help him if you feel that he sincerely asks for help, and does not require his ego.

Secondly, it is necessary to accept the experience of alcoholism of a loved one, since this is also a desired experience of the Soul and no one has the right to interfere in this choice and deprive it. After full acceptance, the sincere and pure unconditional love of the heart awakens.

Great help here will be – faith in man! Once he got this experience, it means he has the strength to overcome it. Once you have this experience, then you have the strength to go through everything.

Inspiration, loaded with faith, has a very powerful and unlimited power!

The main thing is to really believe: not in words, but with all my heart, removing all doubts on your path. The energy of faith, as crutches, as a huge and powerful support, helps on an energetic level. I saw the power of faith and it is limitless, it works wonders!

Alcoholism of loved ones is a difficult and painful lesson for all who live with it. On a spiritual level, this experience helps to cleanse the most diverse low energy of the ego.

What you need to pay attention to yourself?

1. To feel if there is any shame inside that your loved one is an alcoholic. In this experience, as in others, there is nothing shameful. It is a shame only to our ego, its pride. Free yourself from shame.

2. Feel whether there is an energy of egoism inside. Many people want to help their alcoholic relatives thinking, first of all, only about themselves. For example, to make it easier to live: material support or some kind of help appeared, money did not leave the family, it became quieter to live … It is necessary to get rid of this low energy and reach the purity of the heart – indeed, from the heart, to want to help a person.

3. To feel whether there is an arrogance energy inside when a person considers himself “above” an alcoholic: smarter, more capable, kinder, stronger, more successful … In fact, we are all equal, and external manifestation is only an illusion. Earth experience distorts the true essence. I saw that the Soul of an alcoholic could be from the very highest plans of life and came to help my relatives by signing a karmic contract with them. Get free from the energy of arrogance.

4. Feel if you are manipulated. You should not go at the alcoholic on the occasion, give him what he wants, just to be behind you. Man can be controlled only by the Soul, God within himself, and not by external managers. It helps to stand firmly on your feet, to be confident and to cultivate the power of the Spirit.

5. Free yourself from the low energy of criticism and condemnation of a person for this experience, for weakness, for the lack of willpower, responsibility …

6. Break free from the low energy of self-pity that you live with such a person and go through this hard experience. If there is such an experience in your life, then you pulled it towards you with your own low energy and you can overcome everything. He will help you get rid of pride, arrogance, selfishness …

7. Do not allow an alcoholic to violate your right to choose and free will. It is necessary to feel this fine line between egoism and the call of the Soul. For example, do not allow to use physical strength, moral mockery, etc. It is necessary to be a self-sufficient and strong Spirit person, but at the same time also not to control and not manipulate other people.

Freed from the low energy in yourself, you will close this karma and this experience will go out of your life, as it will have nothing more to teach you.

He can leave in the most diverse way: a person stops drinking, goes out of incarnation, or simply disappears from your life. Everything will be as it should be, the best good for all.

And in conclusion, I would like to describe my personal feelings to you so that it would be easier for you to understand people with an addiction to alcohol.

Once I came to the bank about my business. A man entered the room: very dirty and drunk. He smelled strongly of fume and felt internal aggression to the whole world. Any negative in his address could cause a strong emotional outburst and scandal.

I sat quietly and watched, felt my inner feelings and what was coming out of me, what negative to alcoholism was still inside.

This person sat next to me, but I felt peace and peace inside me, full acceptance of it. I was not irritated by his appearance, his smell, his way of life, his inner energy … I was not in the ego, but in Myself, I felt my Divine essence.

In this calm and harmonious energy, I felt this man as if through and through. I felt his great pain with all my being.

A man suffered from the fact that no one accepts him in this world, he is nobody here, everyone around him condemns his lifestyle, is criticized for not being able to cope with himself and change something.

He was ashamed and very painful, he condemned and blamed himself for much, for falling so low. His heart suffered.

It was his enormous inner pain that he poured with alcohol every day to make it easier to live. He wanted to forget and not see anything.

His aggression is caused only by the fact that this is how he learned to defend himself. Aggression, the condemnation of all around, the accusation of the world … helps to close from inner pain and shift the blame for personal failure to others.

Every time an alcoholic feels contempt, condemnation, criticism, hostility, pity, his non-acceptance by other people, his heart seems to pierce a “sharp dagger”, causing unbearable pain.

There was so much suffering and pain in the alcoholic that it was impossible for anyone to endure this torture. He feels that no one in this world truly loves and accepts him.

My dear, feel my words, in them a hint about many things and for many.

Our low energies do not help anyone. Only our pure and sincere impulses of heart change our life and the world around us. That is why it is absolutely necessary to accept and love.

With love,


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