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Akashi Chronicles – Forecast for FEBRUARY 2019 (Jen Eramith)

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Akashi Chronicles - Forecast for FEBRUARY 2019 (Jen Eramith)

Energy is fast and easy this month. He whirls in different directions, but continues to move forward. You can imagine a river with many stones creating eddies and ponds. There is a feeling that every drop of water will eventually break down, but there are many stops and backward movements, cycles and changes in course. When you set a goal and move forward in a linear fashion, you will find that you’ll get lost and upset this month. Whereas, if you set a goal and move more freely, let life lead you, you will eventually reach your goal and gain valuable experience along the way.

This month it will be important that you are open to new experiences and that you are very patient with yourself and with others. You will start something, but not everything will go as expected, and you will go back and start again. It's a bit like physiotherapy after injury. You have hurt yourself, and your wounds have not fully healed. In recent years, you have gone through several very difficult stages on planet Earth, and all of you have not healed wounds. This month is a bit like a physical therapy process, when you have to take small, step-by-step steps forward, and be ready to start over, have patience … and start all over again, find a way to move forward in very small steps. This will be the best way to use February energy.

In addition to what we have said, there is also a very loving, playful and laughing energy this month. Among the frustrations of having to start all over again and come to the whirlpool again and again, there is a chance to get a lot of pleasure. Imagine yourself a fairy undergoing physiotherapy, or a small child playing a game. You get lost, you start all over again, and this is only part of the fun …

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