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About short memory

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Today: 762

About short memory

Try to remember.
What were the names of those who knocked in the ruins of the Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station?
How many people died in the blast at Domodedovo airport and when was it?
Has anyone been punished for a fire in the Lame Horse?
Where are the dead buried in Karmadon gorge?
Did you find the terrorists who mined the plane over the Sinai Peninsula?
How many explosions happened in Volgograd in December 2013?
What is the reason for such a terrible destructive flood in Krymsk?
What happened in the Admiral shopping center in Kazan in 2015?
In what year did the Moscow Metro train crash (24 people died) on the Victory Park stretch – Slavyansky Boulevard?
Who is to blame for the tragedy on Syamozero and what was done to prevent it from happening again?
What was the name of at least five people who died in the Nord-Ost?
When did the terrorist attack happen, in memory of which a memorial plaque hangs in the passage to Pushkin?
Who arranged the bombing of the St. Petersburg-Moscow train in 2007 and who in 2009?
A fire in a nursing home "Priazovye" in 2007 – do you remember something about this event?

Without the help of the Internet, you almost certainly do not remember the answers to most questions. And I do not remember. Every time a regular terrorist attack, explosion or flood occurs, when children and adults die, it seems to us that the horror limit has been exceeded and the intolerable happened. We are changing avatars on social networks, praying for the dead, trying to help the survivors.
And we think that we will not forget the tragedy in Kemerovo. But we will forget. We forget everything.

The old tragedy is obscured by the new. Horror gives way to horror. News – news. We get tired and can no longer look at it. And the role of the media, social networks, the Internet and a huge army of people who feed on our attention is not even important in this matter.

Because alone with ourselves we are exactly the same. We also do not remember the joys and sorrows. We forget the tears of repentance and the joy of God's presence. People are amazingly able to dissolve in the current moment and sacrifice even very important things in favor of minute mood or illusion.

We all gave baptismal vows, but we don’t remember it.

We all prayed and asked God to give us a little patience, humility, strength for good deeds, attentiveness and honesty.
Sometimes these prayers were very hot. But then we all, and I, too, walked and sinned, by acting directly in defiance of what they literally asked for just now. We have a very short memory.

And the next week is our week. The week when the crowds shouting hosann to the Son of David suddenly became bewildered and roared: “Crucify Him!”

This is not a story about two thousand years old Jews. This is a story about us. About our promises, our hopes, our plans and our real actions.

I am full of petty betrayals of the soul. The upcoming week, I hope, will remind at least some. And I will pray that there is enough memory to fulfill at least something promised. At least the least, even the most expensive people.
Perhaps then the chorus of people with poor memory, screaming "Crucify Him" ​​will become a little quieter.

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