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Abbot Siluan's home prayer book

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Abbot Siluan's home prayer book

From the Editor:

Continuing the conversation about the understandability of worship and the accessibility of the church language, we want to offer you several prayers that you can optionally use in your home prayer rule.

According to Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh, “the first action of prayer is to choose words that we are not ashamed of, which fully express us and which deserve us; and then bring them to God with all the intelligence we can do. And you have to put your whole heart into this prayer vision. ”

We offer short prayers and chants-prayers composed by Hegumen Siluan (Tumanov). A modern person can use them in some life situations. Perhaps the words of Father Silvanus, reflecting his prayer experience, will help someone along the path of growing in faith.

Thoughts of the evening, at 7


After a long day I come to You, Lord, and thank you for the past day. Bless me for the coming dream and have mercy on me!


I’m tired and cannot long and worthily glorify you, but I am ashamed to fall asleep without praying to you: you have been helping me all day in my affairs and in communicating with my neighbors. Bless me for the coming dream and have mercy on me!


Forgive me, Lord, for all the sins with which I upset you on this day. He didn’t do the good that he wanted (a), but I do not stop doing evil. Help me heal tomorrow the wounds inflicted by my neighbor with evil words, deceit and double-heartedness. Help me find the right words and deeds so as not to multiply evil on earth. Bless me for the coming dream and have mercy on me!


Do not deprive me, Lord, of your heavenly blessings and communication with you for my neglect! Accept my good thoughts, words and deeds as a sacrifice to you. And what Upset (a) You, help me fix with all zeal. Bless me for the coming dream and have mercy on me!


Give me a peaceful night without heavy and embarrassing dreams, drive me away from all the obsession of demons. Do not let me fall asleep forever as a sinful sin, but lift me up in good health the next morning, bless me tomorrow for your glory, that I may glorify you and your Most Holy Mother and all saints with deed and word. Bless me for the coming dream and have mercy on me!


Bless my bed and give all people on earth the opportunity to rest. Support and nourish those who suffer from wars, diseases, and hunger, and help me not to forget about all who need Your mercy. Bless me for the coming dream and have mercy on me!


By the prayers of your Most Holy Mother, by the power of Your Cross (kissing the pectoral cross) of my holy Guardian Angel and my saint (…) save me, Christ, for the coming night and after a peaceful sleep, raise at the right time for prayer. I transfer my spirit into Your hands, bless me for the coming dream, have mercy on me, and as a result of the temporary life of this, do not deprive Your Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Thoughts of the morning, at 7


Having risen from my bed, I sing you, God, with holy angels: Holy, Holy, Holy, Thou, God! By the prayers of the Virgin have mercy on me!


Thank you for giving me another day of life. Help me live it with dignity, in peace with you and all people, find time for prayer and reading of your holy books, for mercy and condescension to the weaknesses of my neighbors. Holy, Holy, Holy, God! By the prayers of the Virgin have mercy on me!


Sanctify my mind and feelings in order to wake up not only with my body, but also from the sleep of sin, and all day thinking, doing and saying things pleasing to You, and doing everything according to Your will, not embarrassing or upsetting anyone. Holy, Holy, Holy, God! By the prayers of the Virgin have mercy on me!


Whether meetings and temptations from people are waiting for me today, if I spend this day in the silence of loneliness or with my neighbors, do not let me forget for a moment that everything has been sent by Thee, that You love me, and you can even turn evil to my good. Holy, Holy, Holy, God! By the prayers of the Virgin have mercy on me!


By Your Light, Christ, illuminate the night of my life, that I may see the way to You and the longed-for Kingdom of the Father. Help me and everyone who is dear to me (here you can call the names of the living and the dead, for whom you want to pray), not to disappear into the depths of the dark hell, but to sing along to you in eternity: Holy, Holy, Holy, You, God! By the prayers of the Virgin have mercy on me!


Oh saint (saint) (…)! I bear your name, but not virtue, and I do not have your love for God and people. Together with my Guardian Angel, protect me from all evil and help me learn all good. In order not only by name, but also by life to be a Christian (Christian). Holy, Holy, Holy, God! By the prayers of the Virgin have mercy on me!


You do not need my praise, but I: after all, only confessing with all my soul to God I become a man. Therefore, I cry out earnestly: Holy, Holy, Holy, You, God! By the prayers of the Virgin, have mercy on me and bless me on the coming day!

Thoughts before Communion, 12


Every day I eat my bread in order to survive, but I do not often eat Thy bread to live. I call myself Thy name, but my soul is not torn to You. Remember, Lord, in thy kingdom!


My soul yearns, and You remind yourself. He hungers and you cover the meal. How can I eat of Your Body and Blood, if my heart is far from You? But you are calling, and I, daring, set about. Remember, Lord, in thy kingdom!


All the earth is at the foot of Your feet, but there is no dwelling on the earth besides our hearts. You offer me a meal of life, but how will I thank you? You don’t need fried animals and crops, you don’t need aromatic honey and butter sparkling in the sun, you don’t need money and titles. Only love, if only I find it in my heart. Remember, Lord, in thy kingdom!


With us sinners, You sit down at one table and offer Yourself, killed by us and on the third day of the resurrected, as incorruptible food. And I'm sitting here, timid and rejoicing. How did they let me in here? They didn’t see that there was no purity in me, as in those that were before me? Do not drive away. Give me strength to adequately taste Your Mysteries. Remember, Lord, in thy kingdom!


Each time you give me the Cup with faith in me and love. But how will I come? How will I accept your secret with a cold soul? What if everyone partakes of it now, and I will be rejected, like Judas? Everyone will enter your kingdom, but I will remain in the darkness, where it will be too late to shout: “Remember, my Lord, in your kingdom!”?


At the dawn of time, I extended my hand to the fetus oozing death. At the dawn of time, I blamed the pains of you and others that you gave me. Will I take part in the Source of life today, extending my hands to the Gifts, but not forgiving insults? Remember, Lord, in thy kingdom!


Is it just Adam? Is Eve only? Then I myself, having violated the commandment, with my mind and body took communion of a terrible fruit, which opens its eyes and blinds its heart. Now, according to Thy commandment, I proceed with fear again, not seeing, but believing. Remember, Lord, in thy kingdom!


Grain dies, but comes to life in bread. Grape dies, but sparkles with live wine. From the hands of a priest You receive them and return to Your Church the Food of life and immortality. Take, Lord, and mortify my soul! If it’s not too late, do not burn in the fire of sorrows and fun, but temper and make a partaker of life. Remember, Lord, in thy kingdom!


Blessed are all those who have worked so that the grain becomes holy bread and the grapes become good wine. After all, not bread and wine, but we sacrifice ourselves and hope to resurrect with you! But if I did not bother and did not repent, will I be resurrected with everyone? Remember, Lord, in thy kingdom!


From time to time I come to the temple and partake of Your Chalice. But what has changed in me, than boast to those who do not know about you? Is it just by communion that I partake of tastes? Shouldn't all of your life be a communion to you? And shouldn't I myself become a different person, seeing and calling out: “Remember, Lord, in thy kingdom!”?


There is a lot of trash in the cave of my soul, and I am ashamed to call you, God! But who will cleanse me? Who will help me defeat my pride and laziness? In the temple I call you with my lips. I am attaching myself with my right hand to Your Cross. But why is my heart so cold? Why do not I shout with shame: “Remember, Lord, in thy kingdom!”?


I know that you will not enter until I myself invite you. I know that you come to those who have killed you to give us life. I know that I don’t have the strength to die for sin. I only call with fear, faith and hope: do not pass by, heal me, unite forever with Your Church. Remember, Lord, in thy kingdom!

Thoughts after communion, second kondak, at 7


I thank you, Lord, for not rejecting me, a sinner, but today I have also made me blessed for the communion of your holy mysteries. Glory to you, God, glory to you!


Destroying the ancient serpent, destroying and again leading to the entrance to the long-awaited paradise, nourished my soul and body with Heavenly Bread and the Cup of Life. Therefore, I chant with joy: glory to you, God, glory to you!


You entered my life, and I accepted the Heavenly Spirit, You nourished me with the food of Heaven and made me merciful to Your mercy. Save me from all sin and temptation, lest I lose your gift, but with true faith I exclaim, thanks to: glory to you, God, glory to you!


Thousands of righteous people dreamed of seeing the True Light, opening the way to You, You gave It to me! Save me in Your shrine, so that I may be righteous to glorify You all this day and my whole life: Glory to you, God, glory to you!


Having accepted the Indescribable Secrets of Yours, with faith and love I confess Your mercy. May Your Gifts be to me in joy, health and zeal for all good, but my lips be filled with praise: glory to you, God, glory to you!


Eternal life, grant me and worthy of an answer at the formidable and final judgment of Christ, Christ! Enlighten my mind, may my soul cling to Thy Word, be enlightened by Thy love to my neighbors. And may communion be a guarantee of eternal life to me, although he did little good on earth. Glory to you, God, glory to you!


Strengthen me, Christ, in love for Thee! Grant me zeal for the fulfillment of thy commandments! By the prayers of the Most Holy Theotokos and the holy Guardian Angel, direct me in the ways of truth and truth, and in Your Kingdom of Heaven at the end of this life! Glory to you, God, glory to you!

Prayers for Pets

Prayer for animals (pets) first

Lord Almighty and omnipotent God, who created heaven and earth, and all that lives on it!

At the beginning of time, you set a man to preserve and cultivate Paradise, to maintain peace and harmony in this world, to give names and take care of every living soul: sea fish and birds of the air, and every animal moving on the earth. So that every breath through man praises his Creator and God.

But the man violated your command and fell away from your grace, in enmity and cruelty, breaking the peace between himself and with animals. And until now, all breathing with hope expects liberation from slavery to corruption and death, the tea of ​​our repentance and return to God (Rom. 8:19, 23).

God, desiring salvation for everyone, did not leave us perishing, but he was embodied and suffered crucifixion, and rose again three days later, overcoming the triumph of sin and death in Himself.

And just as evil came into the world through man, so through man returned the hope of salvation. Since then, if we are humble in following Christ and the gospel, we will open for our pets the way to the kingdom of heaven, to oneness with you.

Lord, our God! You keep both people and animals! (Psalm 35: 7) Even the little bird is not forgotten by You (Luke 12: 6), but you feed each of them (Matthew 6:26). You gave us the command to take care and keep the animals that help us, therefore the righteous also cares about the life of his cattle, but the heart of the wicked is cruel (Proverbs 12:10).

Bless Thy servants (names of praying Christians) and entrusted to the care of their wordless creatures of Thy, and shield them with Your holy angels; strengthen and deliver them from the violence of the devil, and from the cruelty of evil people, from diseases, pestilence, epidemics and all evil.

May these creatures of Thy servants (the names of the praying Christians) serve to glorify Your saint's name, to increase love and compassion for their neighbors.

For You are the One giver of life and our keeper, God, and We glorify the glory to you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen!

Second Prayer for Animals (Pets)

Lord Jesus Christ our God! God of love and mercy!

Hear our humble prayer for all our friends – animals and animals, who cannot commit sin, but who suffer from our sins. We pray for all who suffer from our cruelty, who are hunted, who are lost, who are abandoned, who are scared or hungry, who suffer from illnesses or from bad weather.

We pray for all who should be euthanized, for all those killed for food, for those who become victims of hunters, for those who die in laboratory tests.

Have pity on them, and be merciful to us!

To those people who care about them, give hearts full of compassion, give them good hands, tell me kind words.

May we be true friends for animals to see them through us and glorify your holy name with our lips! May we share Thy mercy and grace with them!

Oh god Forgive us and help them! Protect, stand up, protect!

For You are the One merciful and loving of all of us, and You – the God of all people and all animals – we glorify: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen!

On a pure litany:

We also pray to the Lord our God and for a hedgehog to hear our humble prayer for the health and prosperity of your servants (the names of praying Christians), and for those who are entrusted to the care of their wordless creatures, and for a hedgehog to shield them with your holy angels; strengthen and deliver them from the violence of the devil, and from the cruelty of evil people, from diseases, pestilence, epidemics and all evil. We pray earnestly: hear and have mercy!

The texts are taken from the blog on Facebook by Hegumen Siluan (Tumanov).

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