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A new circle of fuss: slow down the beat

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A new circle of fuss: slow down the beat

September, the moment of special stress in a large family.

Children start to get sick, difficulties with the organization of training and logistics, overwork at work with parents. In general, the concentration of certain unfavorable situations, besides falling on the spouses devastated, without an internal resource.

This is where the real science for our Christianity begins, the “field trials” of a conscious approach and the identification of how “true” we are, and not playing something superficial. As far as we have learned and appropriated those principles that we often and with pleasure talk about.

I read negative reactions from “myself”, seemingly already “passed”. Terrible condition. Where is it from?

A lot of problems means little time for their awareness, focusing, living and accepting. You do not realize and do not accept, which means that unconscious reactions begin to work.

Through them, the internal hidden "curves" of the installation, automatism, appear. Fear, apathy, irritability over trifles bloom. The snowball of anxiety and fuss is growing, unconscious running around crushes morally.

How to stop this bad stream? How to regain awareness?

1. To smile. Wacky advice, but in hopeless situations, fools are always right! In the morning, afternoon, evening, yourself – and the problem that confronts you.

2. Walk for 5 minutes along the street, sit alone in the room. Try to do this 2-3 times a day and repeat four brief prayers to yourself or aloud:

Lord, thank you!

Lord, I love you!

Please forgive and cleanse me!

Lord, fill me with Your light!

3. No social networks and media. Drink tea, just look around. Watch the silence, do not think about anything.

4. When the inside is quieter, write a short essay: what is happening now? What can I do? What can not I do? Live it, accept that which you cannot. Think about why you can’t: perhaps it is worth revising the priority of tasks? Something that is “attached” in the hustle and bustle to the list of supposedly “necessary” can wait?

5. Talk with your spouse about these issues in trust.

6. Slow down the rhythm of life as you can. There are many tasks, but re-understanding of their priorities by the above-described method will give you a small space for small “stops”.

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