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A little bit about Christianity

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A little bit about Christianity

Priest Denis Kostomarov shows that it is possible to serve God anywhere and at any job. And not only in the temple …

Yesterday, in the comments, the question arose whether it was appropriate to call the priesthood a “profession,” “work.”

For me, the answer is quite obvious: of course, appropriate and, in my opinion, correct. I will now try to explain from different sides why I think so.

First, there is an important theological line that comes from the view of faith that Jesus Christ taught. Both in the pre-Christian world and in the modern world, the division into “sacred” and “profane” is natural. There is a sacred space of sacred places, temples, objects, texts, and so on. How does this relate to gospel evangelism?

Jesus places the invisible God at the center of the "sacred," who "breathes where he will." He speaks of the Heavenly Father, who does not live in man-made temples made of stone, but inside the temples of the living — in those who believe in Him and seek Him. In other words, for Christ, a shrine is a man in his participation in eternity.

Further implies the foregoing. Absolutely any work that makes the world better, which builds is sacred, it is a form of service. Sweep the yard, graze sheep, cook food, care for children, heal people, write books, create music, repair cars – if this is done for building, then it is sacred in the best and highest sense. Therefore, do not be afraid of the word "work". As long as we try to build with our own hands, not destroy, we work for God, we serve God. Everyone in his place: a nurse, a builder, a musician, and a priest.

There was a wonderful intuition in the ancient Church: to try to give the color of divine services to any work. Even children who could not and could not do anything brought water to the liturgy. A rich Christian man let the community under his roof. Who can bake prepared bread for Sunday, which is to become a Body. Able to read – read the Scriptures. And so on. Elder, priest was not a special mystical figure, but to those who, on behalf of the community, brought the Eucharist prayers. Not the first, but equal: he served in his own way, as he could, and in what he was called to.

Therefore, there is nothing to call the priesthood a work. Work, when it is creative, is service.

And there is nothing such that the work of a doctor, teacher, baker, engineer, programmer, electrician, or conductor can be called service in the full sense of the word, as long as this work is creative.

Christianity is not about the fact that Christians or the clergy are special or chosen, but that we can make everything in this world participatory to God if we work for the good and building, and not destroying.

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