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7 mistakes that girls make at the beginning of a relationship


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Some girls do not manage to build a long-term relationship, as men leave them in the first month of acquaintance. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

What is the reason for such rapid disappointment guys in their new passion? There may be a lot of reasons for a man’s care, but I suggest that you study the most popular mistakes, which extinguish the interest of the new partner, and as a result the relationship ends.

Frequent dates.

At the beginning of a relationship, when the hormones are boiling and the feelings are boiling, you don’t want to part with the man you like the most in the world. Girls would love to go for a walk with their new familiar days all the way through. And they do so … agreeing to frequent dates. After a few weeks, the partner feels that his neck appears invisible noose, which is about to tighten. He seemed to want to start a relationship himself, but his eyes were sad, especially looking at other beautiful girls, it seems that a little more and his freedom to end forever. That’s when the man begins to disappear, forget to call back, act alienated.

To prevent the spark from fading out, it is important to set a limit: 2 dates a week, and when it is convenient for you. In this case, the man will be waiting for your meeting and very bored on the days when you are not together.

Excessive seriousness from the first days.

There is no need to say on first dates that you want to build a serious relationship (a man hears handcuffs ringing) and get married (the sound of handcuffs slamming). Deep down, each of us wants marriage and a beautiful white dress, but you shouldn’t talk about it aloud.

I recommend to avoid the word “marriage”, “wedding”, “children”, “relations”, “family”. You can even say to a new partner: “I do not plan to start a serious relationship, and there how to get there …”. And let the man convince you that a long relationship is good and he would like to be your chosen one.
Therefore, do not rush events, be a little lazy in terms of the development of new relationships.

Trying to keep the man in bed.

Showing him your knowledge of intimacy at the beginning of the relationship, you risk to remain in the role of a mistress or former. All in good time. Leave your sex toys and sexy lingerie until better times.
Looking at how the girl tries to please the new man from all over the world, the idea that she is too desperate, and this does not add points to her.

Complaints about her life.

This includes complaints of the following nature: financial difficulties, problems at work, poor health, ex-husband, etc. The lady’s constant whining does not make her look good, but only causes her pity. But not to build a healthy, happy relationship on pity. In addition, men may have the impression that you are looking for a “daddy” who will solve all your problems, and this scares away.

I recommend not to start a relationship in principle, if you have accumulated debt on loans, no work and at least some stability in life. Experiencing a difficult period in your life, you will be the least tuned for romantic dates.

Aspiration to surround him with care.

It often happens when a girl has not had a relationship for a long time, she tries to throw out all the love and care that has accumulated in her over the years of loneliness. The new gentleman may be afraid of the intrusive care, treating her as an encroachment on his freedom. The man will even begin to defend himself and become irritated that he is perceived as a small child.

When I speak about excessive care, I do not mean those cases when a man is sick and needs your support. In those situations your care will be just in time and will remain forever in his memory.


The candy-bouquet period has only just begun, and your already express your dissatisfaction on any occasion. Frequent picks and clarifications of relations cause boredom and desire to escape further. Especially if the man has only recently ended a relationship, where he is constantly “sawed”.

Try to keep the novelty and ease of relationship as long as possible. Not to be a “sawmill” you need to keep a distance in the relationship. A woman “saws” when she begins to dissolve in a relationship, signing that she is completely dependent on the man.

To be an open book.

I do not doubt that many readers have a very rich inner world, but do not open your soul to each other. Remaining a mystery, you have a better chance that the new acquaintance will want to unravel you.


I hope that many people have learned their main mistakes that prevented them from building relationships with the opposite sex and will no longer make them. No matter how beautiful your new acquaintance is, never give up your hobbies and favorite activities, only so you do not lose your identity. And men are attracted to individuals. Self-sufficient woman (personality) will never run after men and hang themselves on their necks.

Finally, let’s remember Shakespeare: “Love runs from those who chase after her, and those who run away – rushes around his neck.