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How can you not behave after you’ve been separated from a man

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Breaking up is always a painful experience for both sexes. Just men know how to hide their emotions and even pretend that nothing significant happened. By the way, it hurts the girls even more when they see their ex-boyfriends hanging out with friends or even with a new passion.

Almost every girl can’t stop wanting to text or even call her ex-lover. It seems to her that there is nothing scary or humiliating about it. Believe me, this is very bad! You will sink even more into suffering. So, what kind of mistakes do you need to protect yourself from after you break up with the boyfriend?

Breakup is not an excuse to suffer

Do not write or call.

The hardest thing to do is not to communicate with someone we have been in close contact with for a long time.
For example, you used to share your experiences with a man, talk about annoying colleague at work and during the day to throw him funny memes from the Internet. But you broke up, and most likely, there was a good reason.
I recommend blocking who was on all social networks, messengers and smartphones. Ideally, even change your mobile phone number (these are radical measures). Gradually you will you’ll notice that you’re not as keen on texting a man as you used to.
Since you will start to forget it.
Yes, and no farewell texts and of tearful conversations about “You’re gonna regret this!” He will regret it, too how! Because all men come back… But you shouldn’t worry about it and get depressed.

Do not reply to his text message or calls.

This is where it’s hard to hold on. Especially when there is hope for a truce in your heart. He can… Writing touching texts or angry texts, in any case, do not answer them. A man can test you, how much more dependent you are on him. Anyone likes to think that someone is in his power. Spare your ex from this sweet feeling.

Moreover, when you ignore him, it puts the man in his place. Silence will help to preserve your self-esteem and increase the importance in the eyes of a man. Let him know that you have a character!

not to agree to a relationship without commitment.

Another trap for girls, who’s hiding behind an innocent friendship with an ex-boyfriend. During the relationship you are well
and you know how to make each other happy in bed. Why would you do that? to find a new lover if you have an old one?
Girls don’t see anything bad in a relationship without a commitment to the ex-boyfriend. Both pretend it’s quite a normal situation and try not to talk about past relationships. At the same time, they try not to talk about the past relationship. a man might really think you’re just a girlfriend for an intimate meeting, and you will continue to love him. Also, the partner can start to develop a new relationship right in front of you, which will hurt you even more. And you you won’t even be able to object, because you’ve agreed that between you two friendship.

Do not delay with suffering and loneliness.

It’s always a pathetic sight, when after the breakup of the relationship a girl walks down the street with her eyes crying, and in the evenings puts up sad posts in the social network. I advise you to prepare a large plastic bag and walk around the apartment with it. In this bag you need to put all the things that remind you of the past. Cute teddy bears, postcards, underwear, photos – all this should go in a bag.

The next step is to bring yourself clean up and get out of the house.

Go out and have fun with your girlfriends, set up
shopping or going to a male striptease! Anything! The main thing is not
stay alone with sad thoughts.

And also forget about the popular advice for girls after the breakup: you need to wait for a pause and not to rush to start a new relationship. No, no, no. Hurry up, and how! This advice is very harmful and only aggravates the emotional state of women after the separation. I would reformulate it: Do not rush to start serious relations. But flirting is not forbidden and even very useful.

Not to turn into a spy.

Sometimes girls can compete even with professional undercover agents. They are so cleverly watching the life of a former man, cautiously asking common friends and following the pages in social networks that James Bond himself would have been jealous of this talent.

If you’ve been rejected, and you’re still following your former partner, it’s a sign of dislike for yourself. What do you care about his life if a man pointed you to the door?


No matter how good the relationship is, if it’s over, we need to turn the page. The first time you start to miss your ex, I recommend you to remember only bad things to convince yourself of the correctness of behavior. And don’t stay home for more than a week.

When a man sees that his former ladyfriend has found strength in herself and has easily survived the breakup, he will want her back. But that’s another story…