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20 facts about metallica which you may not have known

20 facts about Metallica, which you may not have known

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On account of the legendary Metallica band – millions of sold albums, over 30 years of concert activity, performances on five continents in front of hundreds of thousands of fans, numerous ups and downs – from including the Rock’n’Rall Hall of Fame in 2009 to the tragic death of bass guitarist Cliff Burton during the accident in 1986.

Today we offer to your attention 20 facts about which you, perhaps, did not have the slightest notion:

  • 1. The director of the video for the single The View, released in conjunction with Lou Reed, was the owner of the “Oscar” and many other awards Darren Aronofsky, known to us primarily for such films as “Requiem for a Dream”, “Black Swan” and released in 2014 the “Noah”.
  • 2. Lars Ulrich has been collecting paintings for many years. In 2008, a picture from his collection, “(Unknown) Boxer,” was sold for $ 13.5 million.
  • 3. The first musical instrument that James Hetfield learned to play was a piano, not a guitar, as many think. He was nine years old at the time.
  • 4. Bass guitarist Robert Trujillo became one of the creators of the project Mass Mental, which released two albums in Japan (studio and concert).
  • 5. The first instrument of Kirk Hammett was a guitar Montgomery Ward, and instead of an amplifier he used a regular megaphone.
  • 6. The band took part in the recording of the Metal Massacre compilation, released by the Metal Blade label, with the song Hit the Lights. True, on the cover the name of the collective was indicated with an error: “Mettallica”.
  • 7. Lars Ulrich participated in recording the track Return of the Vampire of the band Mercyful Fate, included in the album In the Shadows 1993.
  • 8. A former member of the Pentagram group, Joe Hasselwander, is convinced that Cliff Burton died thanks to the charms of tarot cards soaked in blood for the purpose of the evil eye.
  • 9. After recording Kill ‘Em All Kirk Hammett decided to take guitar lessons with Joe Satriani.
  • 10. Seek and Destroy, one of the most famous tracks from the album Kill ‘Em All, has never been released as a single. But the songs Jump in the Fire and Whiplash were honored with such an honor.
  • 11. Metallica musicians once mentioned that to shoot the clip The Memory Remains more than 400 thousand dollars were spent.
  • 12. One of the main passions of James Hetfield is cars. The pearl of his collection is the Chevrolet Blazer model The Beast. The car is not afraid of earthquakes, or even nuclear catastrophe.
  • 13. The first rock group of James Hetfield, contrary to popular belief, was not Phantom Lord at all. The musician took part in the project Obsession, where he played with Ron McGoney, bassist of the original composition of Metallica.
  • 14. The illustration for the cover of Metallica’s sixth studio album Load was Andreas Serrano’s painting “Sperm and Blood III”, really painted with bull blood and artist’s sperm.
  • 15. Robert Trujillo owns the rights to 15 compositions Metallica, Cliff Burton -11, and Jason Newsted – only three.
  • 16. One of Kirk Hammett’s favorite guitar solos is that which he played in the composition Hero of the Day. The musician himself recalls: “Every time I listen to this solo, it seems to me to be truly divine.”
  • 17. The first team, created by Cliff Burton, was called EZ-street. It was attended by Jim Martin and Mike Bordin (both later become widely known for their work in the project Faith No More). A couple of years later, Burton joined the band Trauma, at a concert in which in 1982 he was spotted by Hatfield and Ulrich.
  • 18. On July 6, 1986, the band canceled their performance in Evansville, Indiana, as James Hetfield broke his wrist while skating. For almost two months, he delegated the functions of guitarist John Marshall, who later became famous as a member of the Metal Church group.
  • 19. When the cover was printed for the French edition of the 1984 album Ride the Lightning, in the Bernett printing house Records There was a failure, and instead of the standard blue color the plate was presented in green tones. Currently, there are about 400 copies of the album with a green cover.
  • 20. James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich voiced Disney’s cartoons “Dave Barbarian”. In the episode “Here There Be Dragons »(« Here there will be dragons ») they sounded dragons.

Well, in the end, a little beautiful:

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20 facts about Metallica, which you may not have known